1. VXAce/XP Compatability Question...

    A friend of mine is making a game using RPG Maker XP, and I own RPG Maker VX Ace. I've offered to help with making maps, but I'm wondering whether or not map data made in VX Ace will be compatible with XP. tldr; Are maps that I make in VX Ace able to be used and edited in XP? Thank you for...
  2. Frankster300

    Hello! I'm new and i have questions!

    Hey everyone! My name is Frank. I have a great idea for designing a game, and i wanted to ask the forums a few questions before i throw myself into the deep-end of this project. You dont need to answer all of them if you dont want to! I'm using RPG Maker MV, and i have alot of experience with...
  3. Rhino

    SumRndmDde's Character Creator-EX plugin: F.A.Q's

    Disclaimer: I am not the creator of this plugin. I don't understand javascript and I can't help you with complex issues. This is just a list I've put together to answer some commonly asked questions! This plugin is NOT recommended for beginners to the software. Unfortunately I don't have time...
  4. Questions about RMMV

    I want to create a game and I have a few questions. This game will be a MORPG (multiplayer online rpg, not a massive multiplayer online rpg) game that simulates the dinamics of the Dungeons & Dragons RPG Books. The main quest will be the main quest of the books. I want players with voice...
  5. Tommy Gun

    RPG Maker MV FAQ

    I've noticed a lot of the same questions popping up, and some answers are getting hard to find because the threads get buried (or are spread across multiple subforums). This is an attempt to get the important stuff all in one place. I will continue to add to this, so please post anything that I...
  6. Tile Swap Troubles - RPG Maker VX Ace

    Hi everyone, I'm attempting to use the free Tile Swap Script by Kread-EX for a current RPG Maker VX Ace project. I have no errors when the event executes but the tile swap does not happen. My script command is as follows: $game_system.add_swap_tile(001, 006017, 001001, 002) What am I doing...
  7. Jomarcenter

    *Unofficial* RPG maker vx ace FAQ

    So i was a member for over 2 years from now. And found some question in the support and other sites that I go to speaking the same question over and over again and since it usually end up in the same question I think It best to make an FAQ for the community. Even if there a FAQ already but It...
  8. Archeia

    RPG Maker DS+ Support Thread

      Hey guys, time for round two! This time, this topic covers RMDS+ issues.   This topic will serve as a list to any questions about the resource pack. Please read the rules first before asking here. The pack should have some tutorial videos. So please consult that first before posting there...

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