farm tiles

  1. Jade_D

    So... More Crops?

    I've looked everywhere. Couldn't find them. Made these. Also, why no cabbages in crates? Fixed that too, enjoy. From top left to bottom right: Crate O' Cabbage, Box O' Onion, Lentil Bean (Bush?), and White Carrot- I mean "Onions". These are recolors / reworkings of original MV art. Do not use...
  2. Hudell

    Horse spriteset to be used with Celianna's Rural Tiles?

    Does anyone know a good Horse spriteset that can be used together with Celianna's Rural Farm Tiles and her sprites? I don't know how that style of sprite is called, so I don't know what to search for.
  3. Lunarea

    Farm Mapping Contest!

    As most of you know, Celianna has finished her AWESOME and amazing resource pack, and we are in the process of setting it up in our store and making it available for purchase. Rural Farm Tiles pack is absolutely huge and is the perfect pack to use in creating farming simulation or any game that...

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