1. sailingCartoonist

    Through Event interaction from adjacent or event tile

    Howdy y'all, the title might be a little confusing, and I apologize for that. I'm up at like 1 am working on this and can't find a solution. Can't tell if it's the sleep deprivation or legit just something I can't do without a plugin, but we'll see. So I'm working on this farming game. It's...
  2. sailingCartoonist

    RMMV Road/Tilled Soil Autotile Plugin?

    Howdy y'all, I've heard this would be impossible to do with eventing (although I'm sure I can figure out some way to do this without Autotiling), so I figured I would put a request here to see if anyone knew a plugin that would work for this. I'm trying to make a Road Creation/Tilled Soil...
  3. Stapleton

    RMMV De'Vine: Heavenly Acres

    HEAVENLY ACRES has just RELEASED on Steam for $14.99 with a 10% Launch Discount! CHECK IT OUT! Small details: This game will be commercial and will cost $14.99. Engine: RPG Maker MV Summary: Play as any of 12 unique characters. And enjoy many features such as: A full farming simulator with...
  4. pastellixs

    Crop growing event help - how do I make this more efficient?

    So I've been using RPG Maker VX Ace for about a month or two now, and I'm struggling on a feature I'm trying to add to my game. I'm trying to make a farming system, and I'm having trouble making the events for it. I'm not quite sure if how I'm doing it is very efficient, but it's the way I've...
  5. RMMV Forsaken Kingdoms : Zelda/KingdomHearts Inspired ARPG

  6. Hahasea

    Galv Simple Crops water with rain

    Hey guys, I've got a farming system set up with Galv's Simple Crops, but I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out how to set it to water all the plants when it rains. The plugin has this script call which seems like the key: I tried replacing the bottom line of this script (which is for...
  7. KeyOfTwilight


    Description: “This is not about Heroes nor Villains. Not about protecting a loved one or redemption of your sins. This is not about saving the world, either, because the world has already ended. This is about a new begin, and the hope for a new future.” ARPEGIA: ReBorn is a mix between a...
  8. BlackRoseMii

    RMVXA [RSE] Reap what you sow (+Beta version)

    I've always been a fan of Harvest Moon-like games. I love Story of seasons and Rune Factory. But that got me thinking: We have a "normal" modern farming game and a fantasy farming game. So what about SciFi and Horror? Since SciFi isn't really my kind of genre, I wanted to try to make a "Horror...
  9. Bilalichwa

    RMMV Re-Village (Farming Game)

    Welcome to ReVillage game ReVillage is Free Game made by RPG MAKER MV. this game inspired by farming game like a HarvestMoon/StardewValley/My time at portia/etc. This game is still in the development stage aka BETA Version. if you find a bug and suggestions please leave a comment Story : A...
  10. Stapleton

    DeVine: World of Shadows

    Small details: This game is commercial and costs $7.99. Engine: RPG Maker VX Ace Summary: Play as Kuan a half-demon born in Hell. And enjoy many features such as: Explore a vast open-world with many quests and things to do. Complete the STORY and save the world from Kuan's demonic father...
  11. CasBN

    trying to have an event change graphic

    Forgive me, I am pretty new at this software. I am trying to create a game where the player can plant a seed, wait some time, and then harvest the seed. Everything works so far, but I can't figure out how to get the event to display a certain graphic for each "stage" the plant is is (unplanted...
  12. Melina

    Farming System like Harvest Moon and sleeping

    Hello :D I work on a new Project Idk a name yet but it will be simillar to Harvest Moon. And well I alraedy have Day and Night and also a clock but this clock is terrible I need to open up the Menu and select Keyitems but I really dont want that. It would be super cool if there would be a clock...
  13. KingTentacleAU

    How can an event track days passed? (Re:Farming)

    I was originally using Orange in my game, but i could not get a AM/PM system working, so i looked around and settled on Mogs for my next attempt. What i want to do is, have my crops grow based on days passed, IF they have been watered. I was hoping to keep it all in engine and track the...
  14. KingTentacleAU

    Using Orange time, how to: Grow crops based on days passed.

    As above, i am running orange time for my game that will include a day to day system and growing crops. I have tried to think up some way of setting up variables and common events to work out how to do my crops. I could easily do the parallel process with a "wait" command but that's not how i...
  15. grem333

    RMMV So You Want To Be A Farmer Demo

    So You Want To Be A Farmer... This game project was meant to be a tutorial on how to event a farming system in RPG Maker MV similar to that of Harvest Moon, but writing a full tutorial ended up taking too much of my time. Therefore, posted here is the project file that players are free to go...
  16. Jiffy

    RMMV Farmlife Simulator - Farmstead (Discontinued)

    Farmstead is a Farmlife Simulator that started development mid 2015. The game started off as a side project in RPG Maker VX Ace using Celianna's Rural Farm Tile Pack but eventually evolved into a planned commercial RPG Maker MV game, with a change in graphics to Pixel Myth Germania and now...
  17. GodsOfDeath

    Is a Harvest Moon style game possible?

    I want to make a game very similar to the old Harvest Moon games, they were my favourite games growing up (and the ones they make now are dreadful) so I wanted to make my own in the style of the first DS ones. What I mostly want to know is could this be possible? Mostly my concern is over...
  18. Mieze

    RMMV Life Way (Dead Project)

    First time Hello, and would like to apologize for my bad English. ;) EDIT: This Game is not more in Work!!
  19. Linard

    Any tips for creating a farming game?

    Hi guys. I'm developing a farming game like the Game Harvest Moon. My Event has 8 pages, also consisting an 8 SWITCHES per page. So if i make 100 plots * 8 it will cost 800 switches  ;_; ;_; . Why it has too much switches? Because of the number of the frame/image that i can put...
  20. Vavelu

    Issues with Farming Event + Yanfly Engine?

    Hello! So i recently got RPGmaker mv and started my first project about 3 days ago! I am completely new to rpg maker so sorry if theres an easy solution to this. i currently have a vague understanding of switches and variables but am not 100% up to date with them. I implemented Driftwood...

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