1. Farming system in RPG maker mz

    Hello, i want to make game with farming, but every tutorial I find it's for RPG maker MV, i use RPG maker MZ, for RPG maker MZ I find only cookie cutter on but I don't want to buy it, but if someone know any good plugin for farming that I need to buy, I can buy it.
  2. sailingCartoonist

    RMMV Road/Tilled Soil Autotile Plugin?

    Howdy y'all, I've heard this would be impossible to do with eventing (although I'm sure I can figure out some way to do this without Autotiling), so I figured I would put a request here to see if anyone knew a plugin that would work for this. I'm trying to make a Road Creation/Tilled Soil...
  3. Is there any way to make farming possible in RpgMakerMV?

    Is there any way to make something similar to stardewvalley or just simply adding farming mechanics?
  4. Linard


    Hello :) Any suggestions of a useful/helpful plugin to the farming system? thanks thanks :D

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