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  1. tale

    Skip Text Wait

    Skip Text Wait 2012/12/07 Creator name: Nana Overview With this script, it is possible to skip text wait "\." or "\ |" by pressing C button (Enter key) Features Fast forward the text with Enter key without wait slowdowns. Installation Paste this script above Main. Credit and Thanks- Nana...
  2. Tea's Jams

    Can't disable Fast forward for the life of me!

    I've tried a couple different plugins and one I have already that I know is currently working, but. the. dialog. just. keeps. FAST FORWARDING!!!!!!! I don't have a lot of plugins running. Here's the order and set up I have right now. I am trying to use YEP Message core to disable fast...
  3. Time control/manipulation/fastforward/reverse/stop

    A lot of puzzle rpgs include some time powers, but I have yet to find one with full time powers. Imagine being able to reverse, stop, and fast forward time at will and having the power to undo your last action. You could use it to create Majora's Mask paradoxes, solve puzzles Braid style, or...

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