1. tale

    Auto Battle & Very Fast Battle | Special Exhaust Skill

    Auto Battle & Very Fast Battle - Jun 8, 2016 Creator name: Sasuke KANNAZUKI Overview - AutoBattlePlus.js : add auto battle command and so on. - VeryFastBattle.js : battle exceeds very fast when specified key(s) down. For more information, read plugin help. Video preview Thanks to...
  2. Using parallax images over the map tool graphics

    Hi. I'm totally new to RPG Maker, but I have a professional background from other engines. So far I love the simplicity of RPG Maker, but there are just a few minor tweaks that could make the engine shine. Too bad the developer isn't making those changes and we need to do it ourselves.. But at...
  3. AdamSakuru

    Disable 'Fast Forward' during movie files?

    User: AdamSakuru Bug: The fast forward feature (hold down 'space/accept' key during events) works even while videos are playing, which probably wasn't intended because it throws off the developers eventing sequence. How to Replicate the Bug: -Download the base demo -Speak to the NPC, don't...
  4. AdamSakuru

    Disable 'Fast Forward' during movies?

    A couple of days ago I discovered the 'fast forward' feature that would speed up the game/events if you held down the space-bar/'accept' key (even during move routes/etc. without messages) But there is a problem. If you play a movie file and set the appropriate wait time in frames, you can...
  5. tale


    QuickMove - July 16, 2016 Creator name: krmbn0576 Overview A plugin that improves a character's movement behavior such as walk and jump. Features - Movement speed doubled - Flexible ON/OFF switch for dashing - Speeds up the jump speed License - Public Domain, credit is not necessary You can...
  6. Altering sideview sv actor frame speed?

    Hello, I recently finished creating another sv actor and was wondering how to adjust its frame speed?  In particular I wanted to slow it down, so I attempted to raise the frame speed with the following. I already tried the following note tag usually used for enemies and added it to the notes...
  7. RPG Maker MV freezing problem

    Hello i bought rpg maker few months ago, everything worked fine on my old laptop but about week ago i bought a new one. When i am launching rpg maker and i enter database,sound tester,charcter gen(etc.) software freezes and I need  to shut it down by task manager. I tried everythink I...
  8. Walldeaf

    Echo of the Universe

    Echo of the Universe Echo of the Universe is a linear old school RPG with a fast straight forward sideview battle system.   Story: The story evolves around a young boy named: Jake. He and his little sister live in a town called: Laisa, where normally nothing much happens...
  9. Snowman Tileset Exterior Request [RM VX ACE]

    Hi, I'm kinda new to rpg maker and I'm making a game for my friends birthday. For that I need the snowman (shown in the rpg maker vx ace tileset 'Exterior' in the B section) as a character sprite. Is this possible? If yes, can someone do this for me? That'd be great! (Please say if I'm...
  10. izyees

    Izy's Fast Face

    Izy's Fast Face @izyees Introduction If you want to show the actor face in message box you need to defined the face every time. With my plugin you can set the face by plugin command and the message box will show the image that you have set without defining the face every time you show message...
  11. Michael Dionne

    Skipping all animations during battles for faster pace when a particular key is held down?

    An interesting function would be that you could speed through the battles if you press something (example, hold a key like Enter or Space bar). Instead of seeing the attack and magic animations every time, which needs to be played and entirely completed before the battle flow chains, holding...
  12. TinyMine

    Tinys Travel Map (TTM) + Addons

    Tinys Travel Map (TTM)   Script Name : Tinys Travel Map 1.4 Creator name : TinyMine   News: - New Demo!!! - New Addon "Confirmation Window Addon" Introduction An oldschool fasttravel map? Here you go.   Screenshot :   Script :     ADDONs TTM Fade Out Addon 1.1   Content:   - Fades...

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