1. PieNinjaProductions

    Parallax Auto Scroll Faster?

    The highest (or lowest) the auto scroll for a Parallax background can go is 32. I want it to go REALLY fast, is there any way to go higher than the maximum auto scroll speed? Maybe a script? (Ex:  I want a car to go speeding down a road, but the 32 auto scroll is too slow)
  2. Michael Dionne

    Skipping all animations during battles for faster pace when a particular key is held down?

    An interesting function would be that you could speed through the battles if you press something (example, hold a key like Enter or Space bar). Instead of seeing the attack and magic animations every time, which needs to be played and entirely completed before the battle flow chains, holding...
  3. _Shadow_

    Hero movement speed. How to alter it.

    I was sitting and thinking of a game I wanna make and I was really calm, until I thought of something that has haunted me since yesterday. So I need your help people. We all know we can make an NPC Event move slower or faster, either using the Event command, either using the auto move feature...
  4. ZoroarX

    Inside a Map #2 - Self-Destruction??? RUN!!!

    Well, ZoroarX here making a fast question to get a fast answer! During Heroes RPG 2 - The Rage of Darktar, there will be a self-destruction scene and you'll run super fast! But you'll have a minute before it blows up. So my question is: How do I set a time to that event of destruction happen and...

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