1. Favorite YouTube Channels

    What are your favorite YouTube channels ? Who are your favorite YouTubers ? Also what about channels that do game reviews ? Share here. Mine are Ihazcupcake, the bike, Kizuna A.I., Wolfychu.
  2. Hollow 1977

    Favorite Couple

    It's the weekend and time to relax or work on projects around the house. Want to ask. What is your favorite couple? They can be from an anime, game, or manga. Also please add the reason why like them so much. For me Lisa Hayes and Rick Hunter were an awesome couple especially with the off/on...
  3. kirbwarrior

    Design Philosophy & Favorite Games

    I wasn't quite sure which forum to put this on, but it's about Video Games that already exist and there's a forum called that :L What is your #1 favorite video game? What do you think is the best design principle about it? What do you think is the worst? How does this affect your own game...
  4. TheMutantSpaceDancer

    Best frogs in vidya games?

    Listen, this is VERY important. There are tons of frogs in video games, a good number of them are pretty good, but which frog is the best frog in video games, in your opinion at least? Personally one of my favorites is Globox from the Rayman series, he's a big goofy frog friend, he carries...
  5. eat beans

    RPG Maker YouTubers

    What are your favorite YouTubers that cover RPG Maker? Tutorials, reviews, etc. I personally recommend Nitro Rad, he has shown me many great RPG Maker games that I wouldn’t have been able to find otherwise
  6. Hollow 1977

    Favorite Rpgmaker

    With the birth of so many different rpgmakers it is difficult to decide which one to with although most would probably agree with MV due new scripts being released and it seems to have so some nice features. But how does it compare to the previous ones. Which rpgmaker are you using to create...
  7. consolcwby

    Anime Question: Best Worst?

    I tried looking for an older post of this, and couldn't find any that wouldn't necro... So, everyone: Q: What is your FAVORITE all-time Anime and what is your most HATED Anime? My fave is STAR BLAZERS (aka Uchū Senkan Yamato)   And my most hated (so hated, in fact...
  8. GoodSelf

    What is your favorite Song Lyric?

    Hey all, I have another "What's your favorite" post. This time, it's song lyrics! If you can post the lyrics in either quotes or spoilers, with a link to to the song if you can, that would be great!  :D One of my favorite lyrics come from a song called Helplessness Blues, by Fleet Foxes...
  9. GoodSelf

    What is your favorite Trading Card Game?

    Hey folks! I'm wondering what everyone's favorite Trading Card Game is, or if you even like this type of genre! I've played countless TCGS: Magic, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Vanguard, etc. But my favorite has to be... I like the fact that I can play it at anytime, anywhere, compared to...
  10. GoodSelf

    What is your all-time favorite Pokemon?

    Just  a friendly post to see what Pokemon is the favorite among RPG Maker users. I'd have to say without a doubt, my favorite is Dratini!
  11. PedroVGM

    Do you have a #1 favorite game? Which one?

    I was wondering if you have any game that you may like a lot but like the top 1 among the others you possibly have. Since I am asking a really hard question I will be the first to do so and in spite I am an RPG lover, my actual favorite one is Super Smash Bros. I would choose the wii version...
  12. Who're your favorute RMVXA scripters?

    With RMMV released for more than 2 months, most of the RMVXA script release, request and support activities for all the RM communities I know are all much more silent than before, so it seems to me that they've completely entered the long tail part. Given that the RMVXA scripting community will...
  13. NeoFantasy

    What is your favorite anime?

    So as the title says what is your favorite anime. Some of my personal favorites include Angle beats Sao (first 15 episodes), Akame Ga Kill, Death Note, Corpse Party: Tortured souls, RWBY and Blue exorcist but my all time favourite anime (while technically not japanese) would have to be Avatar...
  14. NTakamura

    Your favorite instrument you like to hear in a song.

    The title explain it all. What instrument do you like to hear in songs? I personality like the piano since it is very flexible and it can portray multitude of different emotions. This is my opinion after all. What instrument do you like to hear in a song and why?
  15. SaintInix

    The game you always come back to play again...

    So, is there a certain game that always seems to bring you back? Something you fell in love with the first time you played, or something that has some kind of nostalgic power over your emotions? For me, to be honest, it's a tie between Fallout 2 and Earthbound. I love the open world feel...
  16. Saltwater Croc

    What is your favorite musical instrument and why?

    For me, it would have to be the piano. Sure, I play the flute and I love the sounds it makes, but there's something just magical about the sounds the piano makes. It could go from soft to strong and soft again in seconds.  A piano does things a flute just can't... I'm taken on journeys with its...
  17. Your favorite outdated game?

    What's your favorite outdated video game that you still enjoy playing today? One of my favorites is "R.C. Pro-Am" for the NES. Another of my favorite outdated games is "The Elder Scrolls III : Morrowind" for the PC because there is a huge unofficial modding community that is devoted to creating...
  18. In your opinion, what are the best games coming out in 2014?

    What are the best games coming out in 2014 in your opinion? Games can be last generation console, next generation console, for personal computer or it can be an indie game featured on Steam/PSN/Xbox Live or maybe even and indie game featured on this site. Here is my list : 1.) Halo : The...
  19. What is your favorite character in Chrono Trigger?

    If you had to pick just one character, what character in Chrono Trigger would you pick as your favorite? My favorite character was Magus as he was unique being that he could use more than one elemental magic attack and had an interesting conflict with humanity and frog. I also like how Magus...
  20. Monkeysnow55 The Cookie

    What's Your Favorite Pokemon?

    What is your favorite pokemon? Is it a wild one, or a starter one? Maybe someone traded it. What's your favorite pokemon or pokemon power? -Munna -Psychic. Munna is adorable and does amazing things! Never thought I would catch her! or -Starly -Normal, Flying. Starly was my first favorite...

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