1. Broliant112

    Speed Stat Similar to Grimm's Hollow?

    I don't know if this is the right category, but is there a way to create a stat similar to Grimm's Hollow where the more levelled up in speed you are the more turns you can take before the enemy can react and have its own turn? Preferably without scripting, as I'm using the trial of VX Ace and...
  2. CrisR82

    Request for having DLC Update Notice

    I would like to request a feature for either the site, Twitter, Facebook, email or whatever else would be convenient - a separate notice posted every time a DLC on RPG Maker Web's store is updated. Steam users have it the easy way - auto update, nothing to think about, but the rest of us that...
  3. rafaeljbi

    RMMZ Disabling Auto-Pause / Screen-Freeze when the window is not selected

    Sorry about my ignorance, but I need to disable the feature of auto-pause / auto-freeze on RPG Maker MZ. You know when the game is running on MZ and you click outside the window, the game stops running, right? There are two reasons for that, after some trials, It seems that this is the main...
  4. senmingwu


  5. Kuro DCupu

    DCupu Eventing - Time Hit v1.0

    What is this about? Someone comissioned a customable "Time Hit" system (if that's what it's called) from me using eventing and pictures. So I made him one. Requirement Adept knowledge of how script call works in event. Basic knowledge of mathematic formula. Understanding how to create...
  6. Kuro DCupu

    DCupu Eventing - Temporary Bar v1.1

    What is this about? One of my experiment that allow smooth drawing of temporary bar via eventing. Modified to be user friendly and easy to study. Including interaction mode as the extra. * Please pardon the video... I'm suck at video editing and gave up half way. Requirement Adept knowledge...
  7. Alessandro Alberti

    How to only change clothing in SRD-Character Creator?

    I have a big issue! I need to use the SRD-Dynamic Actor EX plugin, but I can't without letting the player change the pg graphics itself, with the SRD-Character Creator EX plugin. I so decided to let the player change only the clothing and other stuff without changing the actual physical...
  8. Anthony D

    [SOLVED] Specific event placement reset without leaving map

    I want to create an event that will make a car rush past every time the protagonist tries to step on the street (see attached picture). The issue here is not making an event that will activate once, but having it repeat over and over as necessary. Ideally this is what would happen: 1-Hero...
  9. Enderdude

    What MV feature are you looking forward to the most

    So like the title says What MV feature are you looking forward to the most, mine is javascript! what about yours?
  10. Sixth

    Movement Speed Altering Features - v1.1 (17/02/2018)

    - Script: - Demo: Still not doing it! o.o - Author's Notes: This script is made for a request on this forum. I upgraded it a little, added more features, and now it's here, yay! On a different note, don't forget to wash the grapes before you eat them!
  11. _Shadow_

    A suggestion on Luna Engine

    I was inspired by this thread, but I didn't wanted to derail it. http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/41281-empty-space-windows/?p=409224 So I make a new one here, to suggest a feature for Luna Engine. Automatic resize of the menus to fit the current needs. For example, if you got...
  12. Evan Finkel

    Weapon Features - Seeking Feedbacks

    Thank you very much to Avery and hiddenone for the icons! Some icons by me I am also using those icons in my game, so yes credits goes to them!   Hey glad to see you here! I am looking for some feedback on the game I am making, it's all about weapons brainstorming, attachments, and other...
  13. 100 Percent chance for First Strike during Battle?

    Is it possible for the Player character or enemy battler to have a 100 Percent chance for first strike during battle? I'm using the default battle system and want to incorporate first strikes in my project depending on how the Player and enemy event meet on the map (direction of the Player...
  14. kerbonklin

    Dual-Wield VS TwoHand

    This has been a common debate in pretty much EVERY video game that offers these two choices of weaponry. So let's make a thread about it over here! Questionnaire time! What are good ways to balance the act of Dual-Wielding and TwoHand? What advantages/disadvantages should they have over the...
  15. Neon Black

    Starting States

    Starting States Script v1.0 Created by Neon Black What is it? This script allows battlers to start battle with any number of states active.  This allows battlers to get a boost at the start of battle that they otherwise would not have.  Starting states can be applied to anything that would give...
  16. Tsukihime

    Gender Requirement

    Feature: Gender Requirement -Tsukihime This script allows you to assign genders to your actors and set gender requirements for weapons/armors. Download Script: http://db.tt/MK01tkG6 Required: Feature Manager Usage Tag database objects with  <ft: gender_req m><ft: gender_req f> And tag...

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