1. TheNightGourd

    RMMV Trouble With Lists

    This is an issue I first encountered yesterday (from the time of writing this) whereby if I try to make any kind of list that requires me to click a blank space to add a new feature - such as a list for actor features, enemy skills, or shop processing - said blank space will disappear once a...
  2. Atreides

    Can we sticky a suggestions thread?

    Just a thread of features and suggestions by users of the software, and keep it moderated to add and/or remove from the list if said features get added? Maybe ones that are requested multiple times in several other mediums like support and social media could be put towards the top? I have a...
  3. kn1000a

    [SOLVED] Will this kind of route format doable in VNM

    Hello, I am very new to making visual novels in general. I heard about the newly-released VNM and want to try something with it, but I was wondering if the kind of routing format I have in mind is possible or not, before I start buying the engine and writing the script for the game: I'll...
  4. eat beans

    Screen Transitions

    By this, I mean Is there a way to add a special effect when you leave one map and enter another. I once saw an RPG Maker game where when you left one map, the pixels became very big and the screen became blury and then it reversed and you were in the other map.
  5. GoodSelf

    Features in a Pokemon Game

    Hey all - I'm working on a Pokemon type game, and was wondering what kind of features the community would like to see in a game like this (the starters are in one of my status updates if you're interested!) With input from the community, I'm hoping to create a fun game for all ages! A...
  6. MusicTF

    How to get Ex-Parameters of a weapon RGSS3

    I'm a custom equipment window, and I want to be able to display the HIT of a weapon as well as of an actor.  How do you get the HIT of a weapon (I assume it would be the same for all ex-parameters)?
  7. Failnaut

    Class whose power raises as HP decreases?

    I'm trying to make my standard Warrior class's ATK increase the lower his HP is. I'm guessing it has something to do with the Features section, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to do it. Alternatively, if I need to download a script to make that happen, is it possible to give him...
  8. Rikifive

    Things That Make Me Wonder

    Hello everybody! This thread/post isn't a complain ~ these things make me wonder and I just wanted to discuss about them. Please, don't get me wrong. As everybody knows, Ace has limits all over the place ~ Not sure how about MV though. Anyway ~ I wanted to ask about few things~ 1...
  9. jet_black

    Plugins and Features for LifeSim/OpenWorld Game

    Hello guys, for some time I was tinkering with the thought of starting to work on a project of a Life-Sim / Open-World game. Of course not something like Skyrim in Rpg Maker or stuff like that. I´d like to develop a game that takes place in a small modern village/town. There are no...
  10. Shenic

    Guys, I want your opinion. World map or not?

    Guys, I need your opinion. Basically, I don't know if I should make my game with a world map (old Final Fantasy style) or make it more like a Zelda game, where a map leads to another and, eventually, the player will arrive in a city/town/dungeon.
  11. Item that shows a picture.

    So, I want to make a item, that when used, would show a image on screen. I can't. Please help? (BTW, image down below.)
  12. gilgamar

    Who wants a mine cart mini-game?

    Minecart Plugin! Actually managed to piece together a plugin for a minecart! Checkout my plugin thread for playable demo and download. Original Post I've thrown together a simple "Mine cart" mini-game and wanted to share with the forums for suggestions/feedback and possibly some help...
  13. Tommy Gun

    New Features in RPG Maker MV (video)

    In this video I show you all the new features in MV, the differences between events in Ace vs. MV, talk about bugs (and fixes!), etc. There's a table of contents with timecodes below the video if you'd like to jump ahead. Table of Contents: 00:42 Big New Features 04:18 Character Generator...
  14. Dreadshadow

    [Windows 10 and RPG Maker] Sharing our experience on this upgrade, along with troubleshooting.

        First off let me tell you a few things about me personally. I love Linux Mint. I like Windows 7. I hated Windows 8 (8.1 were better of course) but still didn't liked them much. This is a matter of personal taste of course. It also is a matter of the device Windows 8 were running. Used them...
  15. fix equip in features

    In the features settings under equip is a checkbox called "fix equip". At first I thought this might have been for selecting which types of gear the player can repair. It wasn't until I looked in the help menu that I saw there it is called "lock equip". I'm just pointing this out because I think...
  16. Keniisu

    Sneaking System with Various Features/Add-Ons

    Hi! I am wondering if anyone would be interested in a system sorta of like this. (It will be in my game called "Octanis: The Legendary Thief").   It will be a Sneaking System with view distance and a couple of other things. The system is based on how quickly you can sway from danger and keep...
  17. Tsukihime

    Individual Feature Conditions

    This script allows you to create conditions on any features in your objects. Here is an image that tries to describe how it works What you should get from this image is that I have added amazing parameter bonuses to my actor as features: huge HP and MP bonuses. However, there is a condition...
  18. Horror

    I am a user of the RPG Maker software interested in making a interactive story style of game. This discussion is on the topic of making a horror game, What do you think are features that a horror game should include? What about the RPG Maker software could lend itself to the telling of a horror...
  19. Engr. Adiktuzmiko

    Will you play a Single-Player RPG that has all of these features?

    First and foremost,this is just a question of a curious person. Will you play a single player (typical jrpg-based) RPG (non-open world, and these are definitely not the main ideas where the game revolves around) that has all of these features? - Food is a necessity - Since there is food...
  20. Tsukihime

    Feature Conditions

    This script allows you to add "feature conditions" to any objects that hold features. These conditions are used to control whether the features from an object are applied to your actor or not. For example, suppose you have shield equips that have special elemental immunities when the "guard"...

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