1. Sajai-D-Halo

    Is Sharing Videos of Early Development Useful?

    Hey everyone, I recently finished the rough draft of the first 15 minutes for my dungeon crawler. It's far from the final product but I was wondering if it'd be a good idea to grab thoughts from folks regarding its current direction. I made a video of me playing through it, thinking it'd be a...
  2. CalebW

    Needing Community Input

    Hello there, After talking with people on discord, the forums, and other locations it has come to my understanding there isn't strong enough in depth MV editor tutorials for those just starting out. My question to you is, what is something you would like me to cover that could help new people...
  3. Celianna

    Game & Map Screenshots 10

    Game & Map Screenshots 10 This thread is meant for showing off screenshots or maps made for your project, and to comment on or give advice to other members. Screenshots of any Maker is welcome. No other game engines are allowed. In-game screenshots and maps only, please. If you're...
  4. Sharq

    RMMV Aether (working title) Battle Mini-game Mechanic Demo

    Aether(working title) Game Objective When someone plays this game, I want them to primarily enjoy the combat system. My combat system is like a mixture of OSU and Legend of Dragoon. I have plans to make it very fun and exciting, as well as rewarding and difficult. The game will also feature a...
  5. Mooshry

    Chibi Cat and the Hunt for a Cake Boss Themes!

    I've managed to concoct a boss theme for my game Chibi Cat and the Hunt for a Cake! It's heavily inspired by Dragon Quest, and i'd like some feedback on it! What i should add, what i should remove, if the notes are right, and anything else! And this is another one i made, that plays during the...
  6. Snowy Fox

    M-DRIVE 16-bit Music Pack: Official Thread

    The M-DRIVE 16-bit music pack is now up for grabs, and I personally am vibrating with excitement! Or maybe that cup of tea wasn't decaf. Either way, the pack has been incredibly fun and equally challenging to create, and is easily the biggest single project I have ever completed. This here is...
  7. Viridea

    RMMV Viridescent Dragon RPG -Demo- Feedback

    Viridescent Dragon RPG -Demo- Hi everybody! For a bit of background, I worked a bit with RPG Maker VX Ace and MV in the past only to leave projects unfinished. I want to try to change that by making this game. It's not trying to be the best RPG maker game in the world but I would like for it...
  8. Snowy Fox

    M-DRIVE 16-bit Music Pack: Price?

    Greetings all! I'm Snowy, a composer and sound designer, and full-time fluffy thing. Please allow me to introduce my first (upcoming) entry onto the RPG Maker store: M-DRIVE, the 16-bit music pack! ...Hang on, let me just boot it up. The music pack contains: • 14 BGM tracks • 5 ME tracks •...
  9. Canini

    Good questions to put on a game demo survey

    As I am finishing up the last touches of my game demo I have started working on a survey that hopefully the player will take a look at after they have finished the demo. I want it to be free from yes/no questions so that the individual players thought becomes apparent. I am thinking 3-4...
  10. Problems with VN Maker

    So I've been playing around on VN Maker for the past few hours, testing a few of the commands, and I've come across these issues. Please let me know if I'm doing things wrongly, or if these functions (especially the text one which I feel is very important) are just not implemented...
  11. Black Noise

    [Request] More Battler Damage feedback

    As of right now, in games made with RPG Maker MV, when monsters or actors suffer damage in battle, they have the typical little number pop-ups over their heads to indicate how much damage they've taken. Simple. Elementary. 'Gets the job done. However, this leaves a bit of inconvenience for...
  12. iorn

    Let's have a discussion about Criticism!

    So basically what I wanted to talk about is Criticism....Specifically good vs bad Criticism and how both of them effect different developers along with how said developer should go about handling both types of Criticism to avoid harming their product or looking like a butt. ((Might need...
  13. Blackjack488

    Ideas for "Biological Superpowers"

    Basically, the game I'm building involves kids whose genes were spliced with the DNA of alien life, all put into a survival-horror-ish situation. My original intention for the game was to have a large number of actors, who were scattered throughout the gameworld and could be convinced to join...
  14. DeathByGames

    What Font Should I Use?

    Okay, I'm am throwing together a demo for my next project and I need help choosing which font I should use. I need a font that doesn't look too silly, but at the same time is not to serious. The game itself is not going to be typical a RPG, (Maybe not even an RPG) so I don't want a really fancy...
  15. Sonic123amy1

    RM2k/3 (Project Lisa) .exe Demo

    This is a short demo for .exe, (And yes. That is the name.) I have included the .zip to download it. Please mention any bugs, things you want me to change and what you want me to add to the game in the future! It really helps me on feedback. So, have fun! This game mainly falls in the RPG/Action...
  16. cddeat03

    Music Feedback

    Hello! I'm looking for feedback on my music so I can improve my skills and make better game music. I've only done the music for one small game called "Crowns and Pelts" and I only had about 3 days to do the music for it. I'm still pretty new to writing the music for a game, so any feedback you...
  17. Nerdboy

    Need Feedback on Talk & Empath Battle System (Like Shin Megami Tensei)

    Introducing my "Talk Function", I call it the "Empath System", for my battle system. Similar to shin megami tensei but with more depth and a little bit more complex. It's designed to add flavor and make battles more "Lively". Based on personality and emotional responses from monsters. Depending...
  18. mlogan

    The "Would You Use It?" Thread

    What this topic is for: This topic is for posting a particular type/style of resource to see if it will be useful in RM engines. What this topic is not for: This topic is nor for getting feedback on particulars of making said resource - in other words, asking how it looks or how to improve...
  19. Asoreth

    Help me!

    I need help, i installed some plugins and when i wanted to equip my enemies with weapons: "Cannot read property 'toLowerCase' of underfined" Here's the F8 feedback: TypeError: Cannot read property 'toLowerCase' of undefined     at Function.DataManager.processSVENotetags1...

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