1. ShinGamix

    Bring back the IRC Channel

    #RPGMaker I notice how dead the old IRC "Official Chat" has been for a long time. I would like to see it come back to the mainstream. Since the community is now so large it would be great to be back n the main things around here.
  2. KillerGin

    Killer Gin

    I am currently developing Killer Gin. My original IP that will consist of a series of books and game releases. This game will release with the book, Killer Gin, by the end of 2016 on PC, MAC, Android Devices, and iPhone. The world is set in a fantasy setting where a new race of beings have...
  3. Skarekrow91

    Practice project

    Hello, sorry if this is the second time I've posted this project, the first time I tried earlier wasn't exactly right I suppose. Anyway, this is a simple project I pieced together to try and get a feel for the program and learn the ropes. It's not very big, but it's got a few things. Events...
  4. ShinGamix

    Topic Title Font Color per Maker type

    I really wish that MV and Ace especially had different font color per topic title. This would be really epic in using the forum because I find a lot of topics not tagged Ace or MV.
  5. Information about bugs

    This is not a post to brag or anything, just trying to help with my feedback. I just wanted to make this post, so it may help users or developers to pinpoint possible problems. The maker is working perfectly here, I didn't find anything weird until now (still testing). Font: Font is looking...
  6. OtakuD50

    Achievement-Based Skill Development & Special Skill Types: Feasibility?

    While planning out some changes I wanted to make to my VX Ace project after converting it over to MV, I came up with some ideas for skill development and roles.  Unfortunately, I may have gone overboard and come up with some ideas that I'm sure can't be implemented "out of the box," and some...
  7. ShinGamix

    Rating systems for game projects

    I was wondering if a rating of how good a game project, project feedback, project demo, early demo, completed game might be a good idea. I would like to see on the topic list of good te game project is rated. Just an idea.
  8. The Mighty Palm

    The End Game: Now recruiting a dream team.

    THE END GAME (Title WIP/Open to suggestion)     Welcome men, women, evil overlords, slimes, ponies, durians, and etc! *Durians no longer welcome due to odor A bit of introduction before we begin. This is a game I have already been working on for years now. The actually project itself is...
  9. defunct-user

    Seeking bug/playtesters for Tale of the Cursed Lantern

    Seeking playtesters/bug testers for Tale of the Cursed Lantern. Who am I? I am a single developer who is struggling at the moment on bug testing and I am looking for sources of feedback as I progress. It would be nice for a couple people to give me perpetual feedback. Please keep in mind this...
  10. Class "Evolution"

    I have an idea for a game I'm currently working on that involves the player's class gradually changing to more specialized (or generalized) by evolving as they level up. Almost like the fate/class system from the game Kingdoms of Alumar: Reckoning (for those that have played it). The player...
  11. ShinGamix

    Products and Search

    I think would be a great idea to add products to the search bar. It make it easier to search out products.
  12. onewingedangel666

    What would the best way to go about this be?

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to make a game, and am stuck on a character generation system. What i want to do is have a bunch of choosible sprites without any clothes, just hair, eyes, and body (Of course, underwear), as I'm going to use a composite graphics script with armor. Theres a few ways I...
  13. Story feedback

    Hello everyone! I am here asking you all for a favor. I am making a small game and am going to sell it as a way to help pay for college. I will be giving it more as a gift for donating to my education. Kind of like a personal scholarship. What I was wondering here is if anyone is willing to...
  14. Please Continue my Work

    Hello and welcome to my first thread ever in these forums!  :D   :D   :D   A long time ago i acquired RPG Maker Vx Ace. I have fooled around with it for a while but never really made a real project. However i did create one that i put quite a lot of work into as it was my first every...
  15. Plus1Attack

    Dungeon Heroes: Seekers of the Crystal Star

    The Official     Early Project Feedback Thread     An early overview of the project plan involving plot, characters, world, mechanics, design and more.  A quick disclaimer that I'm using almost entirely original RPG Maker VX Ace materials, including DS and DS+ resource packages by choice.  The...
  16. Lunawolfcomics

    How to change Game Over Screen

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if there was a way to change the game over screen via events or scripting. I already have a custom game over screen but wanted to be able to change the screen depending on the area the player is in. Any ideas or help? :) Thank you
  17. Lunawolfcomics

    Boss Battles

    Hey guys so lately I've been working on my project, the perfectionist, and just looking over the boss battles making sure they are fair and such. And I started thinking about all the memorable boss battles I've ever faced in other games. So I wanted to ask what are you most memorable or favorite...
  18. Lunawolfcomics

    Double question: HP/MP/TP bar colors? Critical hit damage?

    Hey guy's I was just wondering how one might change the colors of the HP/MP/ and/or TP bars? Secondly, how does one alter the amount of damage a critical hit does? Thanks :) -JAD
  19. Lunawolfcomics

    MP = Mainstream?

    Hey guys so I read an interesting article the other day about how most RPG's use MP. I happen to like the use of MP as it's something I've gotten used to associating it with RPG genres. But I also like when games have some originality and use some sort of different mechanic or name. What's your...
  20. Lunawolfcomics

    Tutorials in the beginning of the game

    Hey guys I wanted some feedback from you all. When it comes to tutorials in games I like the option of either skipping it or viewing it; (skipping it for those who may be familiar with the game or viewing it for new players). But my main question is would you rather have a written tutorial where...

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