female protagonist

  1. Cythera

    RMMV Gates of Trinity

    Gates of Trinity I made this game for the 5th Driftwood Game Jam, and finally decided to post it here as well! The game jam challenged people to make a 5-30 minute game using only RTP resources and plugins, provided the plugins required no additional resources to function. I had a lot of fun...
  2. Kim_Shyuen

    RMVXA † Escape from the Cursed Convent † - Adventure / Story Rich Game

    † Official Website † † Steam † † Itch.io † † Facebook † † Twitter † † Trailer PV † *This is not the final version of the trailer PV** Escape from the Cursed Convent is a derivative work of the manga 'Hengoku no Schwester'. It is an adventure game, filled with rich storytelling which...
  3. Fleas

    RMMV Princesses of Public Domain

    Princesses of Public Domain This is a quick beginner RPG I built for my 8-year old daughter as a way to introduce her to the genre. It can be completed in about 3 hours or broken into roughly 4x 45 minute chunks. Collect princesses, help them with their own fabled story-line, then get them...
  4. rondchild

    RMMV DE:VOID | NEW PV Opening Animation!

    DE:VOID Genre : Adventure, Psychology Horror Platform : STEAM (Windows) Release Date : July 16 2020 Engine : RPGMAKER MV Price : $6.99 An Adventure psychology horror game which explores the themes of life and death in a unique way. Help a girl find her memories and escape from a mysterious...
  5. wintrydaze

    RMMV (World-Hopping) Teething Fever - DEMO released!

    Warning: This game contains violence, mild swearing, mild gore, horror, death, homicide and other disturbing or mature themes. There are screen flashes and and display of visual patterns or graphics that may be discomforting. Player discretion is advised. ═════════════ Preface Story...
  6. JaeJaeCee

    RMMV Iliza

    Iliza SYNOPSIS Iliza is a game that will follow the story of a young girl, through her life and onwards. The basics: she discovers that she is a witch, and is set to attend a school that exists between worlds. The long of it: Her aunt wants to use her to get to a gem that would allow her to...
  7. frostnoble

    Blade of Acrimony

    Blade of Acrimony ver1.0 Price: 4.99$ Language: English SYNOPSIS “Blade of Acrimony” is a Psychological Horror Rpg where you take control of Sora and follow her on her downward spiral into insanity. Blade of Acrimony uses a classic bone crunching turn based battle system where it's just...
  8. SpherianGames

    RMXP BoxxyQuest: The Gathering Storm

    Do you remember that dumb meme game you made back in high school? The one about your favorite YouTuber, fighting to save the world from some generic edgelord? The one you can’t help but look back on and groan? I made a game like that too, once upon a time. This is not it. Let’s start with a...
  9. Nakoruru

    RMMV Journey to the East II (v. 0.03 Demo released)

    Megami Ankhanessa no Monogatari: Journey to the East II This game is a work of fiction. All persons, places, religions, languages, laws and names appearing in it have no relation to the real world. This is the sequel to Journey to the East. The prequel can be found here...
  10. SoapySlayer403

    Need a Mexican woman sprite

    I am currently in need of an overworld Mexican woman sprite. It would be great if this sprite could fit in with the default rpg maker tiles and character generator art. Please make the walking animation different. You are entitled to have anything you make. Credits to you will go in my game...
  11. Hrtz

    Jessie Kicks Ass – Grandma and the Gremlins (pilot episode) - DEMO available

    v.1.0.2 Available for Windows, macOS and Linux Game is made using RMMV Jessie Kicks Ass – Grandma and the Gremlins is an adventure game with RPG elements. It is a short pilot episode of what I hope will become extremely successful game series. Our hero is called by her grandma for some help –...
  12. trexrell

    RMMV Demon's Revenge MV: Episode 1

    Who are we to judge the face of evil? Those who create the rules are not necessarily noble and altruistic but are the entities that hold the power to do so. Manipulating the many to benefit the few or in many cases the new. Dominating what ever they need to obtain more power and control is the...
  13. SimProse

    Cavern of Time [STEAM]

    Cavern of Time (version 1.2) $3.99 Developed by myself and published on Steam by Aldorlea Games Engine: RPG Maker MV The Cavern of Time is an RPG/Adventure game where you guide the journey of a young girl, treading into a world of dangerous creatures, mystical skills and long-buried secrets...
  14. Pilgrim Adventures

    Pilgrim, Episode I: Proxima Centauri

    NOTE: This series is being developed and improved for a commercial release, so these free versions are no longer available. Many thanks to everyone who commented on this project! If you're one of those people, send me a message and I'll reserve you a Steam copy of the games when they come out...
  15. animesock52

    VNMaker Maggie Unto Darkness

    This project was started ways back in on a different engine during college, but with the release of VN Maker I restarted the project again fresh!! Fill free to follow and support me on my game making adventure! You can use this to support if you would like ^-^ Game Play [/spoiler]...
  16. Dream3r

    Out of the Storm

    Hello everyone, so I've decided to completely redo this page since I haven't updated it in...well a long time.  So here we go... Out of the Storm is an open world, survival game focused on character development.  You'll start weak and without the knowledge needed to survive.  It's up to you...
  17. rondchild

    RMMV Kitten Mita Remaster

    The story of Kitten Mita is a heartwarming tale about a kitten learning to value her own mother, and is inspired by one of our favorite folktales “Kasih Ibu Yang Sejati”. Kitten Mita is a tale about overcoming one’s self, triumph over the fear that holds us back, it’s about the journey of life...
  18. AceOfAces_Mod

    RMMV Immortal Sins[Disc 1][]

    Latest Stable Version: D0.31 Update 1 (0.31.1-20200704) Available on the following mirrors: GameJolt, IndieDB, itch.io and Windows Store (Windows 10, Version 1607+ only) Story: Step into the shoes of Maria, a noble girl on a distant island who was exiled for a murder she never...

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