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    RMMV [One Map Challenge Game] Demur

    What is Demur? The word Demur, meaning doubt, plays a pivotal role throughout the game. Maria, one of three survivors living in a world completely void of humans save for them, suddenly hears the cries of a child. Rushing away from safety, and ahead of both Aaron and Karin, Maria eventually not...

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So I'm having issues with my steam account... so I can't use MZ right now, so I can't work on my game until its solved, so it be harder to be ready for 31... guess I'll get ice cream :kaopride:
Motivation! Inspiration! There you are. I was worried you guys weren't going to show up today. Let's get this thing going!
Made these new little isles yesterday, to test my new tiles. Guess they're look pretty chill...
Are your bodies ready for spoopy? 0 w0
Made a lot of progression today with my next chapter. It helps that I wrote an outline of what will happen. :)

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