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    Welcome to my Plguin Collection :3 You will find here all the plugins I made. I willl stop posting them seperate so you will be able to find everything at one post. I also will keep an actual Changelog of the current changes for all of my plugins here updated...
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    This plugin provides the feature to create large enemy parties for battles by a simple comment at the troops event page. It gives you the possibility to create realistic battles against more than 8 enemies. You can add as much enemies as you want to your battles. To add another troop to your...
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    Hello, This script is an add-On to my FFP_BaseStats. It gives you the possibility to give enemies a specific level or a range of levels. Also you can set enemies to have no levels and use the set stats at the database instead of calculating the actual stats out of it...
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    Hello, This plugin is an add-on to my other plugin called FFP_BaseStats. This one here provides the possibility to use custom money and exp-formulas. Also it has the possibility to give the actors EVs. EVs are specific stats in Pokemon and are gained after defeating a Pokemon. These EVs are...
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    Hello, This plugin provides you the features of defining the value of a switch or a variable via script codes directly with the switch name and also to keep it up to date at any time. ======================================================================== How to use it...
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    Hello, This plugin provides the feature of Pokemon to define basestats for actors and enemies. You can define your own formulas to calculate the stats for them. ======================================================================== Defining BaseStats for Actors and Enemies...

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