1. Hollow 1977

    Final Fantasy X-3

    We may see a sequel to Final Fantasy X-2 but the question is will it include the novel and drama X-Will. From the drama we see Yuna reverting to being a summoner again and praying continually. Tidus and Yuna are not totally together and live in separate areas. Yuna living Besaid and Tidus in...
  2. Inamortus

    "Use" Function Plugin

    Hi all, I've looked everywhere for a plugin that achieves this, but I haven't been able to find it, so I've come here. What I need is a plugin that allows me to give a character an ability called "Use", intended to function in the same way as Rikku's "Use" function in Final Fantasy X, ie...
  3. SC Fúria

    Undead/Zombie State (Using Yanfly Buffs&States Core)

    Hi guys! Today I have another question, I hope it can be resolved! Currently, I'm using Yanfly Buffs&States Core and the autopassive states plugins to recreate the undead state of Final Fantasy X. The next youtube video shows how to use it in enemies but it can easly done for anything...
  4. How to set up Break Skills

    I need help configuring skills similar to that of Auron's break magic in Final Fantasy X. For example, Armor Break would be an attack that lowers the enemies defense for the remainder of the battle. Magic Break would lower the enemies M.Attack, and so on. I'll probably have to make a State for...
  5. Naveed

    Map List

    So my request is a plugin that should (I don't know much about JS, but speaking from common sense) work something similar like the Enemy Book (with a little more funcionality than just seeing information) except it'll display the names of maps instead of enemies. So, when you select a choice...
  6. MobiusXVI

    Charge Turn Battle (CTB) System (Final Fantasy X / Tactics style)

    Mobius's Charge Turn Battle System 1.2 by MobiusXVI Release Notes v. 1.0 Initial Release v. 1.1 Customizable Turn Icons v. 1.2 Beastiary Expansion Introduction This script overhauls the default battle system and replaces it with a "CTB" system similar to Final Fantasy Tactics...
  7. onewingedangel666

    {VXA} Zu (really big bird) Sprite

    Hi I was hoping someone could make me a sprite of a Zu from Final Fantasy (As shown in attached pic) Not an exact replica or anything, but I need it in FFX's style. Also a yellow version would be awesome. *If you want a battler would be cool too.
  8. TheDrifter

    Flint campfires (Tidus Overdrive mock-up from FFX) [VX ACE]

    Greetings, In my project, I'd like to add campfires that can be lit by playing a mini-game where you flint stones together. (Based on a system like Tidus's overdrives in Final Fantasy X). Basically, by making a script call in an event, a gauge should appear on screen that looks similar to...

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