1. Moosky

    Hylics/OMORI type fights

    I am thinking of making a game but something is pulling me back. I am a absolute beginner with a learning disability so it's harder for me to learn new stuff but I do my best. So here's the thing: I want a battle screen to be similar to Hylics and OMORI, in a way I want the screen to have...
  2. GamerInk

    Fight problem

    Hi guys, I'm new and I started a project 2 days ago, I had started the first battle of the game and it started, but they don't make the damage of the enemy
  3. SinfulPride

    FREE Untitled Project (With some racial/political/religious/dark themes)

    PROGRAM USED: RPG Maker MV GENRE: Fantasy ROLES NEEDED Mappers Spriters/Busts/Skill Animation Drawer Formulas (I'm not exactly the best at finding the propper formulas for skill damage and everything like that so having one would help. Scene Designer Composer Plot/Dialogue Writer (This isn't...
  4. RMMV Slimemon

    Slimemon is a RMMV action game about a species of evil slimes (originally called slime monsters - hence the game's name - but I thought the character name was too long, so I shortened it)! They've been traveling from solar system to solar system in our galaxy, enslaving every other species and...
  5. CaptainVindicus

    How do I make non-turn based combat?

    I recently picked up RPG Maker XV Ace and im a complete noob at scripting and stuff so go easy on me. I wanted to make a game with non-turn based combat which you have sort of a cool down to use weapons and theres just chances the enemies will attack. An example of this: I couldn't find any...
  6. FanssNett

    RMMV L. O. R. D.

    L. O. R. D. -Fanss Nett Guys, I had been working on a small game with RMMV for a week or so. This game was prepared by me for a local game jam in just one week. Synopsis You are a participant in the LORD tournament and you are sponsored by someone over the phone. You gotta compete with...
  7. NatuElChido

    Fighting Game-Base Character Mechanics and Ideas!

    Hello fellow creators. First of all, let me introduce Jun, a character whose game style and abilities are based on fighting game mechanics! She also has the passive ability "Combat Aura" that works basically like a Beserk, where less health you have more damage do your attacks. This is already...
  8. MastertheX

    FREE Azur no Owari-RPG/Visual Novel Hyrbid (Help Wanted)

    Disclaimer, this game will contain horror despite it being action oriented. It will touch upon slight sexual and violent content as well so if you're not into any of that I advise you turn away. Engine: RPG Maker...
  9. DarkImpetus

    RMMV Fantasy Heart: A New Era

    Everything in the game will eventually be of my own design, graphics, music even sound effects. I want to make a game that's difficult to turn around and say "That was made in RPG maker.", it's a huge ambition and this is what I have so far. For more regular updates on it, as well as other...
  10. Jeremiah Eastman

    RMMV Gladatora V.1.9.6 Alpha

    The newest video from Hypnojo Gaming in which he highlights some of the recent updates to Gladatora. If you check it out I thank you and if you can subscribe to Hypnojo on youtube I am sure he would be excited. :smile: Stay healthy all. Videos Synopsis: This is a game created in honor...
  11. robby214ty

    Fighting out of battle? (RPG maker ace lite)

    Hey, I am unsure if it's possible, but I was thinking of making an rpg game, but instead of when you fight you go to the combat screen, you equip different skills (1-0 all are gonna be hotkeys, and basic attack is click) And you can fight enemies on the map itself. Like, they are walking around...
  12. Band Together(recruiting)

    Hey so I hope you like the new edited version of Band together! And I also will need a dedicated team, and i would also like a second opinion on whether to make it an MMORPG or a single player with multiplayer options. "Once upon upon a time, there was once a wise sorcerer, who went by the...
  13. nazgul

    Anime Fighting Fantasy

      Nazgul Presents Anime Fighting Fantasy   Genre:  Role-Playing Game Engine: Rpgmaker Vx Ace Sideview ATB Battle, Classic old school fights, Fast paced battles, with intricate strategy, and vicious enemies. STORY:              Sakura the half demon has lived in Cherry Blossom...
  14. Mahoken

    How do you make an RPG game with a top down fighting system?

    How could I make an RPG game that uses a top-down system for fighting? I want to see if I could make a fighting system that isn't turn based, and more like... the first Legend of Zelda style-fighting. That's where you can walk around, see enemy sprites, and they can attack you from there without...
  15. DoctorArtist

    RMVXA Dawn of the New Hour: Aurum Demo

    THIS PAGE IS CURRENTLY UNDER CONTRUCTION FOR THE NEXT FEW DAYS. LAST UPDATED 3/12/2020 @ 5:33AM What would you do if you were allowed to know the secrets of space and time? The Gate has opened, Portums are unlocked, and the way to new lands brought forth. ■ SYNOPSIS ■ ■ CHARACTERS ■...
  16. Combat System like Little Fighter 2

    Hi everybody! This is my first time posting here; I've been mucking around half-heartedly with various game programs for over a year, but I've only really started seriously experimenting in the last few months (and my creations now, while still nowhere near "good", are stellar compared to my...
  17. Tabuu Forte Akugun

    Super Smash Bros. Feud - Sound Test remembers last song and updates

    Hi everyone. Tabuu here! I would like to present to you, the Super Smash Bros. Feud fan-game!       This project is being developed almost entirely in custom RGSS3 code by yours truly. Now, I know what you're thinking: A Smash fan-game as a first public project? Is this guy out of his mind...
  18. Exigence

    Hero's Oddyssey

    Game links: Mediafire Link (With RTP)Not Up to Date:'s_Oddyssey.exe Mediafire Link (Without RTP) Up to Date's_OdysseyV1.2.exe MEGA Link (Without RTP)Up to Date...
  19. Error when attacking

    My game keeps chrashing when I'm in a fight. It always happens when either me or the enemy peforms a succesful attack . I'm using the standard Attack skill, and i haven't touched the enemies. I'm pretty new to RPG maker, so i could really need some help.
  20. Crossover Fighter Card Collecting

    Crossover Collection           Gameplay Get ready to build and fight with the most iconic, popular, and powerful characters from various comic, anime, video game, movies and many more   Modes   Compete in tournaments and arena modes such as single battle, 4 vs 4, and rotation battle, also...

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