1. Encounters of a Boss Kind - A Kid's Tale

    ENCOUNTERS OF A BOSS KIND A KID'S TALE     Synopsis   This game is my very first completed game. It is a very brief game which consists of a opening cut scene, a boss battle, and a closing cut scene that I created for, and entered in the contest "Encounters of a Boss Kind". This game has a few...
  2. Force Fighters RPG fighting game!

    I put together a small and quick little fighter game using RPG mechanics. I wanted to see what I can push out of the engine and try to use as few scripts as possible. There are no imported graphics for this. Every character/animation has been done using only the basic set up. It's all very...
  3. ninjalex

    Destiny Warriors: The Way of the Ninja

    Please Delete this topic.  My game will be now be featured on steam.
  4. West Mains

    Addenda [Demo!]

    V.6.0.0 Welcome. This will be a thread used to track the early and pre-release development stages of the RPG 'Addenda.' Initially the thread might look a little bare, but it will be updated continually over time for the next year. Hopefully I can keep the updates coming frequently enough to...
  5. Julien Brightside

    EvilOverlord (being the bad guy) Demo available.

    Version: 0.82 Minor bug fix. Version 0.81 Added more dialogue and prevented some soft locks. Version 0.8 It is playable as far as I know...

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