file size

  1. Deployment and Playtest Issue, Maybe Related

    Hi friends, First of all, I'm a full-blown noob all around (I'm not a programmer in any sense, I'm new to RPG Maker, this is my first forum post, and, while I've studied and played games for my whole life, this is my first game), so I apologize if this is in the wrong place or I say something...
  2. how big are the resources packs?

    Hello, since the non-steam version of RPG Maker MV (the latest version) is only available for Windows, and I am a die-hard Mac user, I've decided to create a virtual Windows Hard Drive on my computer. However, once the virtual hard drive is create, that part of the hard drive can never be used...
  3. Rebellare

    PNG is too big, any update on JPG?

    Sorry if I put this in the wrong thread, pretty new as far as posting goes... Currently, my "pictures" folder is already 824MB with only a third of version 0.1 complete. If this keeps on, my game's gonna be over 7GB by the end of version 0.3... can't have that... I've tried the only option I...
  4. mardin

    1.6.0 Increases Filesize by 100%

    I've updated my project to 1.6.0, unfortunetly I don't know from what version. After I exported the game, the filesize has doubled. The screen is a bit bigger now which I love, but this can't be the price. The size was about 460mb (has a lot of images in it) and is now almost 1gb. What can I do...
  5. MNH Gaming

    RMMV File Size Reductions

    Ok, so my game is like 800MB. This is not gonna fly on a mobile device. Is there a simple way to see which assets I don't have linked to my project? I saw a plugin for this, but automating a program designed to delete things in my project makes me feel a bit spooked. Is there one the community...
  6. abe109

    Please Help

    I just started my game on RPG MAKER ACE and its size is about 300ish megabytes... Worst part is I just started.. literally a few hours into development.. I put in custom battler sprites and music that I bought from the store packages... nightmare soundtrack pack.. I know that without RTP it...
  7. McTone

    How can I make my demo file smaller?

    I've been posting my demo here and there and trying to get some traction with it, but I know that one of the deterrents to downloading it is it's massive size (the lowest I've gotten it so far is 314 MB). I had a issue where a lot of my music was in mp3 format instead of ogg; fixed that. I had...

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