1. isaias20

    RMMZ text extractor ?

    Hi, I don't know if this is the right forum. Is there a plugin for RPG Maker MZ that allows you to extract the texts and dialogues of the entire project in a notepad? Thank you
  2. [false alarm - fixed, ignore it]

    almost the same problem with this. I was trying testing 'on death event'. the plan is after died, the plugin will bring the player to that map and begin the event, continue last point(load) or rest eternally. when trying to load, it gave me *buzz* noise as I can't load the game. I read the...
  3. ovate

    kotonoha* - Map Name in Save Data

    MapNameinSaveData ver1.0 - 2016/06/13 Creator name: kotonoha* Overview Shows the current map name in save data Feature "Display Name" as a map name for the save data. Preview Credit and Thanks: kotonoha* Terms of Use- Free for commercial and non-commercial use. License - MIT License...
  4. Polloyus

    How to draw save-file temp in-game?

    Sorry for my bad English, i'm Brazilian. My question is: How do I draw the currente save game time in a window?
  5. Unexpected file format after bluescreen

    Greetings everyone, my problem is the following... I was working on the final nooks of my game, when suddenly a bluescreen happened. now, when i want to open the Game.rxproj file in order to pick up where i left off/saved the last time, i get the error message "unexpected file format". it only...
  6. _Shadow_

    Text file strings to array

    Hello again community. It happens that I want a plugin to be able to do two things (same plugin can do both). 1] Take text from file and add it on Array Variable of our choice. Then call it like \v[1][2] (third entry on variable 1) 2] ... if we leave a containing method intact. Otherwise...
  7. File Select Tries to Load Nonexistent Image File

    My brother's having an issue where when he tries to access file select, either through saving or loading, instead he gets an error message saying it can't load an image (an old character portrait image which doesn't exist anymore). We're both kinda noobs with RPG Maker, but I figure I just have...
  8. DeyJay5

    How to encrypt music files? (RPG Maker VX Ace)

    I would like to use music in my game that I have purchased from various Royalty Free websites, including Pond5. These websites clearly state that you cannot make the raw file accessible in your project. For example, Pond5's terms of use state that you cannot: "place it on or in any product or...
  9. LUKElcs

    I need the MV Generator Default Files

    I don't need instruction on how to use them, I just need the files themselves. I'm not going to bother going into why and all that, but if someone could just copy their MV generator folder and put a download to the file in the comments or something that's really all I need. Thanks in advance...
  10. FoxySeta

    Warning when loading a save file

    An alpha's tester of mine got this warning when loading a save file. How can I solve this?
  11. BurgerMasterMan

    "Unable to read file Game.rpgproject"

    I apologize foe posting on the forums so much but I believe this may be the end of it if there isn't a fix to this. Last night, I was working on my game and everything was fine. I close it out like normal and open it the next day only only for the game to not be able to read my "game" file...
  12. Neo_Kum0rius_6000

    A Script That Checks Your Computers Programs.

    In my game I wan't there to be a feature on the menu or ingame. This feature can check if you have downloaded a certain program. AKA "One Of The Previous Games In My Series" Basically a conditonal branch to check if you have a certain program downloaded on to your computer. Is there a script...
  13. Hannime

    Files corrupt whenever scripts are added.

    Hi everyone, I'm Hannime. I keep having an issue with RPG Maker VX Ace where I add any script to the game (for example, a script that allows me to change the titlescreen later in the game) and it works fine at first. I can add it and then work on the game but when I save the game and close it so...
  14. Convert RPG Maker MV Help Files into PDF?

    I was wondering if I could convert the RPG Maker MV help files into a compiled PDF? The help files don't work well with search. The only other option would be to create an index and/or search. It would make it easier to make a pdf/word file.
  15. Kuro DCupu

    I messed up the save file

    Help! It just problem after problem! I used to use script call to make the game save and load instantly : Save file $gameSystem.onBeforeSave(); DataManager.saveGame(fileid); StorageManager.cleanBackup(fileid); Load File if (DataManager.loadGame(fileid);){...
  16. Kyuukon

    Change Save File Location

    Hello. I'd like to request a plugin that lets me change the default location of where the save files go (for desktop, at least). Ideally, I'd like to place them somewhere like "AppData/Roaming/GameTitle". This would be helpful for many reasons. I wonder if this is possible at all with...
  17. Maldra

    Change Message Box Image File Based on Class

    Hey all, I've been looking for ways to change the image file in the message box based on what class a particular actor has. I've got the default menu image, the character walking animation and battler to all change thanks to some scripts out there, but am struggling with finding a solution for...
  18. AdamSakuru

    Confused on how to figure out 'Wait' time for movie files

    Can someone explain to me how to figure out the correct wait time to use in the editor after playing a movie file? (if you're not sure what I mean, RPG Maker MV will still process your event while a movie is playing, the workaround is to use the 'wait' command to match the length of your movie...
  19. AllyJamy

    Failed to load tileset data?

    So this basically started when i copied my project over to a hard disk, because I was resetting my PC. Suddenly this message "Failed to load tileset data" started coming up and I can not open my project or game. I've looked for solutions to this problem such as replacing the tileset data with...
  20. Denisowator

    Additional .dll files in System folder get deleted?

    So I'm trying to implement HimeWorks' Collision Maps. And there's a required .dll file which needs to be in the System folder of the project. Whenever I put it there and try to run the game, it gives me the error that it needs that file. And when I check the System folder, the .dll file I put...

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