1. Val

    Game don't load on Web Help? Lauching game on Web

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to follow the video I saw here on youtube to put your project on the web with the help of Google Drive: In theory is quite simple, but when I upload my project and try it online here the adresse...
  2. Rikifive

    Files (.dll etc.) Located in '/System' Folder

    Hello everybody, I hope I posted that in correct forum. I have some stuff in System folder, that I'm not sure of. - '' and 'msvcrt-ruby191.dll' are coming from a script, so that's okay (I've put them there) - I'm not sure when and where did 'Options.dt' came from. Nothing happens...
  3. MeowFace

    .txt Files Builder/Opener

    Making this script for one of the request here. It can be done using eventing alone too, but script makes the management easier. For those interested in the eventing side, please check out that link instead. Features: [1] A simple way to create  .txt files using preset data in the script...
  4. How do I hide files?

    Hello. I need help whit something I want my game to have a secret boss however anyone can simply go in the graphics folder and see the boss. Can I somehow have the boss in my game but have him hidden in the graphics folder? Thanks in advance :D   
  5. drago453

    One of my files may be messed up.

    So yesterday I was working on a side game, and everything was going fine. today, I loaded the same game, when the logo would appear but then nothing would happen afterward. To see if it was my steam or the game, I removed all the files of said game and tried to open another project. The project...
  6. Monkeysnow55 The Cookie

    Zelda Wind Waker style File selection?

    Hi, I am wondering if anyone has seen any Zelda Wind Waker style File selection, where you can name your file and that ends up to be the name of your character and it shows your hearts and all that stuff there, this is what I mean: Starts as new game and it always shows that after the title...
  7. Engr. Adiktuzmiko

    Custom Note Files v1.1

    Custom Note Files v1.1 ====================================================== Overview ====================================================== This script allows you to create text files from where you want to load the notetags for the database entries in your game. Allows you to...
  8. Disarmed

    Naming Save Files?

    So, I wanted to know if there is a script out somewhere where you can press ... E for example on a save file and it would open up a keyboard so you can rename the save file. Is there a script like this? If not, could someone maybe make it please?
  9. Event Commands->Show Picture->Picture Graphic (Massive Loadtime)

    Hi there, I'm pretty new to the rpg maker stuff and reached now a problem, I can't solve by myself. Since I have a massive load of graphics in .\Graphics\Pictures\ (nearly 5000 files, ca 500 MB), I have now the problem, that anytime I wanna add a picture into the game (per event for example)...
  10. Engr. Adiktuzmiko

    Game Custom Data v1.26

    -Overview- So basically this allows the creation of an extra file for modifying and saving custom data during runtime that is not linked to a save file so that you can share those data in-between saves and even in-between different games. You can modify the path, file name and path of the...

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