final fantasy x

  1. Hollow 1977

    Final Fantasy X-3

    We may see a sequel to Final Fantasy X-2 but the question is will it include the novel and drama X-Will. From the drama we see Yuna reverting to being a summoner again and praying continually. Tidus and Yuna are not totally together and live in separate areas. Yuna living Besaid and Tidus in...
  2. VillainFan42

    Final Fantasy X Style Airship

    I recently decided to use a bunch of interconnected field maps for my RPG instead of an overworld, and I know how I want the airship to function, I just don't know how to implement it. Here's the deal: Final Fantasy X has an airship you can travel to from most save points. On the deck you can...
  3. Final_zero

    Riku's overdrive.

    So in my game I have a scientist and I want her to have the mix skill. So that I can use elements mix them together and volla a powerfull elemental attack. Does anyone know of anyway to acomplish this, One way I have seen this done is riku's overdrive from final fantasy X. You open the...
  4. Final Fantasy X fan project

    So purely for fun and as a learning experiment I'm recreating Final Fantasy X on RPGMMV. Any suggestions on resource packs would be greatly appreciated, the default ones are rather lacking in recreating the look and feel of the game. Also any suggestions on how to recreate or at least resemble...
  5. hurley

    Final Fantasy X style battle system -MV

    Hello there I have searched around and was unable to find a solution to my problem but I was wondering if it was possible to do a battle system like Final Fantasy X. You have around 8 or 9 party members but only 3 can be in battle at any given time. However you can switch them out during the...
  6. MobiusXVI

    Charge Turn Battle (CTB) System (Final Fantasy X / Tactics style)

    Mobius's Charge Turn Battle System 1.2 by MobiusXVI Release Notes v. 1.0 Initial Release v. 1.1 Customizable Turn Icons v. 1.2 Beastiary Expansion Introduction This script overhauls the default battle system and replaces it with a "CTB" system similar to Final Fantasy Tactics...

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