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  1. pxldrm

    Complications with Reflected Multi-Target Abilities

    I am using DoubleX Reflect State Script along with the Compatibility Fix for Battle Symphony for a Final Fantasy style reflect mechanic. It works great but I am having just a few problems with it and would appreciate some help. Scripts in question: Battle Engine Symphony DoubleX RMVXA Reflect...
  2. Dragoon Jump or Pokémon Fly?

    Hello! I've been searching around and I can't help but notice that there wasn't a plugin to bring in the skill "Jump" from the Final Fantasy. For those who don't know what Jump does, it's similar to the skill Fly from Pokémon (which also happens to not be around) in that they both utilize their...
  3. Yuudai

    Request: FF8 Triple Triad MiniGame

    Triple Triad FF8 Yes thats right! I hope somebody can remake this great mini game from Final Fantasy 8 for MV  :D   Raizen over at centrorpgmaker forum has already made a script some time ago but its for Vx Ace!   I will give you a google translate link because centrorpgmaker is in...
  4. [FREE] Royalties Possibility |

    Hey,  I work for an indie gaming blog called Reconnect Revolution and we are getting into the gaming scene ourselves - not just reviewing other people games anymore. I am extremely busy running everything that goes on and I need people who can be a good member of our team, but also not require...
  5. BlackestSoul

    Final Fantasy Series

    Howdy all! I apologise if this has been done before. But.... Final Fantasy! It has been around for many years, and hopefully it will be around for many more. Now with Final Fantasy 15 coming soon, what i was wondering is this... 1) What is your favourite FF game? 2) What is your least...
  6. OreoCookieSP

    Einlanzer   Einlanzer is an RPG in the classic 90's JRPG style. It has a unique, engrossing storyline, well-balanced play style, and difficult moral decisions that permenantly affect the storyline.      Features:  - 40+ hours...
  7. buddysievers

    Final Fantasy IX Help 1.10

    Final Fantasy IX Help 1.10 Hi and hello everyone,     this is a clone from the help system of SquareSoft's masterpiece    'Final Fantasy IX' which i actually made for my own project.    The forums user RedShard asked me if i plan to release    it but it was a mess, not...
  8. TheWhiteRose000

    Final Fantasy Sprites - Off Limits

    Well I've been working on my commercial game now for a few months and recently. I began to wonder why no one has ever done a game with Final Fantasy themed sprites? So since I am also in game press, reviewing titles ect I wrote to Square Enix. To see if I can use sprites that look visually...
  9. Shards of Eryia

    So, hello guys! After a short thinking period, and a suggestion, I've decided to make a topic for my IGMC2015 submission, Shards of Eryia. Here it is!  :) A few words about me: Hello again, everyone. Please let me tell you a few words about me as an introduction. I'm Krees9116, a 24 yo guy...
  10. TacoButters

    Final Fantasy - Black Mage Kaduki Sprite request

    Hello, I'm hoping if someone can make or find a kaduki battler set of the traditional Black Mage from Final Fantasy. Of course, it's difficult creating kaduki sprites out of already existent sprites. Could somebody please make a sprite of the traditional black mage in Kaduki style? I've...
  11. DarthVollis

    Rubicante Sprite

    I was wondering if there exist a Rubicante (from Final Fantasy) sprite? I was also wondering if the other three fiends have sprites too? Rubicante Cagnazzo Barbariccia Scarmiglione
  12. JCBrickston

    Royalty Free Video Game Music From Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man!

    Howdy there everybody! My name's Joshua, although some know me as...Tim? Either way, I'm new to the forum scene, but after hearing about this site from my brother, DesperateMeasurez (although I don't call him that, and he doesn't call me J.C.Brickston...however, if we did, that would be pretty...
  13. Teneven

    Main Character dragging unconscious father

    My first idea was an event that follows the player, but that just looked really dumb, went in the general direction and got up to like 8 tiles away from the player. Then, when testing something irrelevant to my question, I added a second person to the party, and saw the way they followed the...
  14. Teneven

    How to check if player has 3 of a certain item then remove them and replace with another?

    I want to make a fairly simple alchemy table. Currently, I have a Show Choices (Small Health potion) then it checks if there's a Green Goo one in the inventory. I need it to check if there are three. Any ideas?
  15. Teneven

    How to make an item heal with a 25% chance to poison?

    My game is called Death's Glance. It's set in a world of magic. So, guns and technology aren't needed. Thanks to magic, the development of technology is much slower, meaning 100 years after Medieval Times ended for us, the era of the sword and of the shield is still thriving. Monsters have many...
  16. GrandmaDeb

    Proudly presenting... Pineda!

    Those of you who know his sprites know two things - that these are some incredible sprites, and that there are a ton of them! So give me time, I have received permission from Pine to post his sprites here until he is able to get his site up and running again. I will get complete terms from...
  17. tonytechno

    Twisted Dungeons

    Hello everyone of this topic. So i'm creating a game using the RPG Maker VX Ace software, it's pretty much Final Fantasy/Diablo/Sword Art Online so a RPG, Rogue-Like, fantasy, turn-based adventure, with a hint of comedy. no perma-death though, but the boss monsters are extremely hard to kill...
  18. tonytechno

    A combination of diablo/FF/ and SAO?

    Hello everyone of this topic i really don't know where i should post this but i seen then and thought it would be a good place. So i'm creating a game using the RPG Maker VX Ace software, it's pretty much FF/Diablo/SAO so a RPG, Rogue-Like, fantasy, turn-based adventure, with a hint of comedy...
  19. Nugem

    [ACE] Battle Enemy List - No Duplicate Entries

    Hey! I've found this script here. The guy who posted requested the same, but nobody helped. Maybe he solved himself? Anyway, this script create an enemy list window in battle (like classic FFs). I'm trying to make the window to not print duplicate entries. Ex: If there are 2 blobs and 1...
  20. amazonwalrus

    Final Fantasy 6 Rpg VXace/XP???

     Hello, i have been researching a on this topic. VxAce or RPgXp.... How do i get side view battles in xp? i figure Xp is what i want to play with. Graphics and crap i read about... its better...    I found a FF VI STD.. what ever that means.... Can someone help me on how i get that battle system...

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