1. Final Fantasy XIV's DoubleCast (Yanfly's FFV Dualcast)

    Hello beautiful people! Here I am trying to somehow tweak Yanfly's FFV dualcast to make it work as the FFXIV (if possible). If you have a better way to do it i'd like to hear it. For those unfamiliar with how the FFXIV version works, I'll explain: You cast some random magic, it doesn't...
  2. Twitch

    Recreate FFRK Battle System

    Hello all! I am wanting to create a game for mobile devices, and out of the many mobile games I play I like FFRK's (Final Fantasy Record Keeper) battle system the best. It is simple and fluid and makes great use of the limited screen space. I am wondering if anyone knows how to recreate this...
  3. JonicOokami7

    SaGa3/FFL3 style battle screen.

    With this (admittedly huge parody Injoke) of a game I'm making it's graphical style is heavily inspired by the SaGa trilogy on the gameboy. (or Final Fantasy Legend in the west). I figured there would already be a script to do a similar layout to what I was looking for (see Picture disclosed) I...
  4. winlu

    RMMV Starlight Memories

    Story Prologue Plot You hunt a 'Nali' called 'Bukoku'. On your hunt you meet the mysterious girl Rina, who can't speak. She also has no memories of her former life. During your journey, you will discover a secret organization, which put the peace and the whole planet at risk. The new enemy...
  5. Solid understanding on using Javascript access modifiers and inheritance

    This topic aims to explain how the patterns providing access modifiers and inheritance work in details. You're assumed to have a basic knowledge on using Javascript access modifiers and inheritance. The focus of this topic corresponds to 'Understanding' in the new version of the Bloom's...
  6. Basic knowledge on using Javascript access modifiers and inheritance

    Disclaimer: This topic's to provide some extra choices for those needing/wanting some protections from being able to access anything from anywhere while still allowing inheritance. As sometimes it completely makes sense for keeping everything public, these choices are entirely optional. Using...
  7. shadendehaan

    Durham Fantasy: Agartha Durham Fantasy: Agartha is a Final Fantasy style role playing game set in the world of Durham, ruled by the evil Lord Norris. A young man with extraodinary abilities is found near death and unconscious in the Northern Region. He is brought before the king of...
  8. Runako

    Final Fantasy Tactic Advace - Dispatch Mission/ Quest System

    Hello and Good night everyone! I'm excited to even place this request, although it is a challenging request i'm sure of it. Even if this seems like something too extreme, feedback is much appreciated. I'm currently designing a game in which one of its primary features will be a "Service...
  9. Final Fantasy X fan project

    So purely for fun and as a learning experiment I'm recreating Final Fantasy X on RPGMMV. Any suggestions on resource packs would be greatly appreciated, the default ones are rather lacking in recreating the look and feel of the game. Also any suggestions on how to recreate or at least resemble...
  10. Soatz

    Final Fantasy 6 Essential Pack! WHO'S WITH ME? :D

    Hi guys, i wanna create an essential pack of final fantasy 6 for Rpg Maker MV! yeah, i know the copyright thing, but it will be here only for fun ^^ Hope you like the idea! Soatz

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