1. my game jam in 2 weeks - 2016

    how to upload game ?? okay nvm forget how to upload it i will just show you video ;)
  2. NPC wont stop moving after event route finished.

    Hello everyone I am currently having a problem with my NPC that I would like to move to a certain place then stop and not move again. How can I do this? Thanks!
  3. Corlagon

    Byteria Dungeon: Tiny Bold Adventures

    Disclaimer: Contains fantastic racism (by a villain). Hiho, I’m disabled and work much slower than normal people, but I still managed to come up with something I could make within the time limit and still stand behind artistically: Byteria Dungeon: Tiny Bold Adventures The game is...
  4. metronome

    [Finished] INVICTiA

        Dedicated to those of you who almost give up. Know that you will NEVER loose as long as you don't give up to the bitter end.   Screenshots:   Characters: There are really only two characters in these whole game (excluding extras). Introducing them would be...
  5. Bavarianfly Quest - A Quest for a Beer

      "Lots of people sink sat se life of a butterfly is easy peasy, but truly it is not!" ~ Schorsch, the bavarianfly   Accompany Schorsch, the bavarian butterfly, and learn about his hard life in a colorful world inhabited by incompetent humans!     - Multiple...
  6. Enhanced Star

    Hyper Fox RPG: The Great Sorcery

    I finished made my first RPG Games called Hyper Fox RPG: The Great Sorcery Long time ago, Hyper defeated Evil Flippy with Phazon Beam and All Phazon are gone for good. One generation later, The two alien named Omo and Nue landing on Mystic Meadow to seek the Great Sorcery aka Hypzon. Omo...
  7. Chester


    I was working on the Birthday Bash when I suddenly felt the urge to take a small nap like all kittens do but then I found myself in a whole new dimension meow.   FEATURING AS THE MAIN CHARACTER   DOWNLOAD LINK...
  8. Atlas Rose

    RATical (Updated V1.1)

      When your little sibling doesn't realize your pets shouldn't be let outside, you need to go find them.   Story: Merc and their little sibling Benny live in a small house with a lot of land and lots of pet rats. One day, while Merc is asleep, Benny lets the rats outside. Now...
  9. Raikuden


    She won't stop screaming in the dark of night. I visit her grave and ask her to stop, but it never helps. A short horror game following the mundane tasks of a woman who wakes up in the middle of the night. What she sees or hears might not always be up to par with what she remembers...
  10. Super121830


    Playfight Finished!   Download Deadline release version Latest version   Setting The Lawrence family went shopping at the local flea market as every Saturday; the child Michael saw kids at the park behind the shops and stands and asks his parents to leave him play...
  11. Lars Ulrika

    FINISHED! Hikaru the Doom Melody.

    Download link : I'm very happy to introduce you at last some finished work of mine! Discover : HIKARU THE DOOM MELODY     Story The story takes place in the world of my main game, Galiyuka. The 4th...
  12. Ceera_Rayhne

    Island Taxation - Version 1.0 - Download Ready.

    You are going on a journey to collect taxes for the King. Just version 1.0~ Needs a bit of tweaking still but I ran out of time. Island Taxation V1 Let me know if the download is broken or anything...
  13. Lemuria

    Hotfixed to replace that horrendous windowskin. Sorry if you've already been subjected to that. After winning the lottery, you bought a yacht and went sailing. Everything was going well until the storm. You woke up on the beach, sore all over. Now you have to survive long enough to be...
  14. hiddenone

    Piece of Cake

    Want to hear a story?  There'll be cake~   The world is full of adventures just waiting for the right people to take them on.  Some pit the heroes against a cruel tyrant.  Some drag adventurers through deadly deserts to face dragons, or worse.  Adventures that make for great tales to...
  15. Zabu

    [FINISHED] Sole_Survivor.exe

          Hey everyone ! I'm making here my thread for the game i made for the RPG MAKER Birthday Bash !  I hope you will like it, and i will do my best for the english version even if i'm not really really good at it!     The Story of Sole Survivor is about a man...
  16. mjshi

    Someone Killed The Butler

    Download here: Plot You play as a detective who's been assigned to investigate the murder of one Mr. John Doe, butler to the Belmont family for nearly thirty years. Features - Showcasing the Non-Combat Menu! Was this project created for my...
  17. Nikoback

    Deceived Voice [COMPLETED] - Deluxe Edition RELEASED!

    No Identity. No Reason. Website: Game Jolt Page: ^ The Game has been released! Check out the GameJolt page for more information! ^ I finished the game on March 12th, 2016...
  18. Idril

    Haven (Finished 3-3-16)

      UPDATE - It's finished! Nab it at the download link below! My first completed project! I'd be honored if you would play and let me know what you think. If there are any bugs or issues please let me know.   Download Here!   Story/Setting The Haven is a multi-level...
  19. Zortik


    Disclaimer: Struggle is a game that attempts to provide an experience and will not play like a traditional video game. While playing this game you will be prompted with choices periodically and will then watch scenes unfold based on the choices that you make. There is no beating this...
  20. DamianCastaway

    {Finished} Blood Moon | Update 1.4 (Crash fix... Once again...)

    This is probably the dumbest yet most complicated entry in the Birthday Bash, lol. Story: You follow the adventures of a 200 year old Vampire named Keiran in a recent monster infested modern city! Can you find out whats going on before the world is flooded by monsters!? {Dev Note: I...

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