1. Finnuval

    Finnuval's FrontView Battlers

    So some of you might know that I recently (after a runt of almost 15 years) got back into enjoying making art. Spurred on by some great ppl from the forum I decided to make some frontview battlers and quickly decided to start with Goblins and after a community poll the theme was decided to be...
  2. Finnuval

    Need help deciding a battler theme... Cast your vote!

    So I have decided to go ahead and make some front view battlers to be released to the community for free once I got a few of them done :D The first creature to pick a theme for will be this Goblin. I will then make several variations of it within the most voted theme and release those...
  3. Finnuval

    I challenge you!

    I had this idea that might be fun... How about us 'artsy'-types (cough) challenging each other? I will start by posting a piece of art or battler and then it's up to you guys... Are you another graphics guy/girl? redraw it in your style or draw something inspired by it :D Are you a music...
  4. Finnuval

    Finnuval's Static Battlers

    Hi there, So I thought I'd try my hand at making some battlers 'cause, well why not? :D They're hand drawn and colored so they're definitely not everyone's cup-o-tea but you never know, someone might like 'm right? You'll also notice I'll be switching between two different art styles since...
  5. Finnuval

    My Conceptual Art

    Well art might be a bit too much haha but I had this idea of Bosses inspired by the Zodiac and thought it would be nice to show them off here :) These are just conceptual sketches but I do kinda like 'm myself so I hope you guys enjoy them too. UPDATE : I inked the first 3 (Cancer, Aquarius...

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