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  1. mavins16

    (Poll) Pushing a Canon Couple in a Sim Dating Game? Yay or Nay?

    So... I'm developing a game where the marriage mechanic is like any fire emblem game lol. If you don't know the fire emblem marriage mechanic. It's basically like you developing a relationship with the chosen character and marrying them. You just need to earn enough support points and go through...
  2. arleq1n

    Tactics System 1.1 (Tactical Battle System)

    Tactics System | 1.1 by arleq1n Download Link Introduction The Tactics System is a tactical battle system for RPG Maker MV. It contains the basic features to build a tactical rpg. Easy to use: Tactics System has been designed to be easy to use. Just create a map with events defining the...
  3. 8bitboy

    Help with recreating Fire Emblem "Ploy Skills" in RMMV

    Hello there! I want to create a set of skills for my project that works similarly to the Ploy skills in Fire Emblem Heroes Basically, they are skills that debuff enemies if said enemies have less Res (or in RMMV's case, MDF) than the user. I know it can somewhat be done as an active skill by...
  4. arleq1n

    Tactics System

    Tactics System | last by arleq1n new forum thread: Download Link Introduction The Tactics System is a tactical battle system for RPG Maker MV inspired by Final Fantasy Tactics and the Fire Emblem series. The system...
  5. JtheDuelist

    FREE Fire Emblem Essentials MV Recruitment [Project Cancelled]

    Engine: RPG Maker MV v1.5.2 Synopsis: Strategy Maker (aka "Fire Emblem Essentials MV") is a project that allows others to make their own SRPGs (like Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy Tactics, etc.) in RPG Maker MV, without the hassle of trying to hunt down plugins or spend a immensely long time...
  6. JtheDuelist

    Fire Emblem-Style Class System Plugin?

    I am needing a plugin that enables a class change system like Fire Emblem's, where when you use a certain item on a character at a certain level which also resets said character to level 1, but also using a different item to turn them into their old class also resets the character to level 1...
  7. JtheDuelist

    RMMV Fire Emblem Essentials MV [Project is cancelled]

    This project is sadly cancelled.
  8. Select weapon before attacking / Fire Emblem-like weapon plugin.

    Hey there, I would like some help with a plugin that will certainly help a lot of people. The plugin would be based on Fire Emblem, but more so on Final Fantasy Legend I, II and III. Basically, you can equip several weapons, let's say, an actor has 8 slots. In those 8 slots, he can...
  9. sabao

    Fire Emblem: Fates

    I finished Conquest on Classic Normal last week. I have Birthright ready, but don't really care too much for the Hoshidans so I'm doing Conquest again on Hard. I like it. Map design, balance and variety in objectives are a huge improvement over Awakening and is a great callback to Fire Emblem...
  10. DustyZiroto

    My recent experiences with Fire Emblem 6.

    Now don't get me wrong, I freaking LOVE this game, but I'm currently up to the sandstorm and well.. I've reset quite a few times one undertale reference and i go berserk, For those of you who don't know, FE deaths are permanent, meaning if a unit dies, (with the exception of the transporter...
  11. laaghisce

    Fire Emblem Level Ups

    Hello!   My Request I would like the default leveling up system to be changed to where parameters depend on a Growth Rate system. By default, leveling up will raise stats to a pre-determined number, but with the Fire Emblem styled level ups there can be more variety leveling up actors! I'll...
  12. Fire Emblem:Awakening Pairing help

    Hi! I would like some help in getting my couples set up in FA, but I'm having a hard time. The ones that I have right now is: MU and Lucina Olivia and the father of Lucina Ricken and Lissa The hex user and Donnel (the village) And maybe Gregor and the female Mage Sorry, I forgot some of...
  13. Korimax

    Fire Emblem Discussion Topic

    With the next Fire Emblem installment on its way and the Shin Megami Tensei crossover being developed, it seemed fitting that a thread be made for the Fire Emblem Series. __________________________________________   For those new to the Series Fire Emblem is a Tactical RPG series developed...
  14. Kuro Neko

    Modification of FEXP

    Hello guys, i don't know if you guys know about this: It's a fire emblem battle system written on RMXP by bwdyeti. (Yeah, i love the gameplay of Fire Emblem, but i don't want to use the whole system without any creation). But for now, i'm really...
  15. Kuro Neko

    Fire Emblem Gameplay

    Hey guys! I'm looking for a gameplay script like Fire Emblem 7 The Blazing Sword: At first, there maybe cut-scene event or something. And when the battle begin, at first, it's a choose unit to deploy in the battle (start from 3:48 in the video). And...
  16. Stormrider

    Using Items to upgrade classes

    So I'd like to have a way to upgrade classes by using an item, an item which gives the option of two different and better classes.  I just don't know how.  Is there scripting involved? Also, is there a way to put a level cap on a class?

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