1. tale

    Sharm - LPC: Modified base tiles

    Sharm modified some of the tiles she made in LPC style to work in RPG Maker VX Ace. Some of the tiles were commissioned by William Thompson who would like to be acknowledged as a contributor. Zip file includes- [Characters] !$clock | !$door | !fire | $princess [System] Window | Window1...
  2. Campfire Tileset

    I've been trying to make a simple camp scene and all I need to complete it is a campfire. The thing is, I've been searching for hours and can't find one, even though I've seen images of other people's scenes featuring campfires. Is there one in a really obvious place that I'm missing?
  3. Nekohime1989

    Lava Cave Interior

    Resource Type: Tiles Maker Format: MV Art Style: RTP Description: I was wondering if someone could expand on the the lava cave dungeon tiles. Specifically I'm looking for something similar to what Avery has done with the ice jungle and water caverns in this post here. (under tiles > dungeon)...
  4. tale

    com_sho Flame/Smoke/Void sprites

    With permission from コミュ将 (comshou), I'm reposting Fire zip here. Preview 6 image files: !$flame | !$flame2 | !$fume | !$smoke | !$smokescreen | !$void Terms: - You can use this however you like (including commercial game) x You can not sell the material by itself - No need to contact...

    hi again, i have a big question, how can i make a domino effect? I explain better myself, i need to do a lever that when you pull it a circle of fires lits up gradually, one after another, not all at the same time.

    hi everyone! It's the first time i post here, i need some help with a problem: I want to create a switch that activate a line of 4 fire torch, the problem is that when i light the fire i don't know how to make possible that the switch reverse the event, turning off the fire, Also is there a...
  7. leoroura

    Picture location based on var?

    Hello everybody! I am looking for a simple -Yet, maybe hard- plugin to make. Perhaps not even one, and just a plain JS code. Thing is: I am trying to recreate a "Candle" on my game hud. The wax is a gauge that diminishes every second, but there is no fire! I was looking for a way to insert an...
  8. Bowmanimmortal

    Voice Line Request, Please Read!

    I'm re-uploading this due to the fact that nobody saw the last one, FYI. Hey, so I'm making a game called , and I need some VOICE LINES! Requirements: You have to be male, have a deep voice, and not mind your voice being in my game. You will have to record the voice line in two formats. The...
  9. Parallax Panda

    [RMMV] Looking for (any) fire or water type "boss" battlers.

    Okay, so first of let me say that I'm looking for royalty free resources that can be used even in a commercial game. Hence I don't expect anyone to make me anything from scratch. In fact, that's not why I'm here. I'm just looking for help looking around for what's already available (free stuff...
  10. Nightblade50

    Wanting a lava background

    Resource Type: Battleback Maker Format: VX Ace Art Style: Painterly if possible, but don't care too much. Description: A lava battle back. It should have some hot looking rocky ground, and there should be a huge lake of lava in the back. Reference Images: Should be something like that for the...
  11. Sythian Bard

    The House of Slime

    The House of Slime (a gathering place for slimes of all kinds) :kaoangry: Terms: FREE for non-commercial and commercial games. For the 8 Specific Elemental Slimes...I'd like to know if you use them in your commercial game. (Cuz, they will be appearing in my commercial game...and I just want...
  12. TriceratopsX

    fire thorns effect?

    So for one of the skills in my game I want to have a spell that surrounds the caster in flames causing fire damage to whatever enemies hit them with physical attacks with a slight chance to burn them, and at the same time causing the caster's physical attacks to deal fire damage and giving every...
  13. Ally

    Sprite on template

    Hi guys ^^ I use the modern algebra script for more character frame. I would use this character image for fire: Someone is kind enough to insert the character in the right template for vx ace? I can not seem to animate properly ^^'
  14. Leon Kennedy

    Animation/Car/Tile/Weapon/Sprite Resources

    Credit: Kadokawa, leon kennedy Non-Commercial: free, credit required Commercial: free, credit required Repost: free, credit required Edits: free, credit required Repost of Edits: Nopee Maker Required: MV+ Vxa[needed for guns only]...
  15. nilson

    Simple Collect Water, Put Out Fire Puzzle

    Well, maybe not that simple haha I'm using ZE - Key Mapper & Hime Common Events to Key Presses plugins to map common events to key presses. For instance, hitting 'w' on the keyboard calls a common event that A. Checks my water variable and B. Uses Water (if any is left). That part is simple...
  16. Zurea

    Opinion Required: Elements

    So in my game I'm currently working on I have currently 12 elements Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Light, Dark, Poison, Metal, Arcane(magic), Ice, Life(Nature), Thunder But I kinda feel like there's too many and can make things confusing, so I was thinking of combining Ice into Water and...
  17. Emberstorm

    How to make a shield 'destroyed' by fire attacks.

    I need some help making a shield that when equipped, if the user is attacked by a fire element attack or spell, the shield is destroyed (think Deku Shield from Legend of Zelda). It would be nice to make it give a little message too saying that the shield was destroyed. I'm using all the...
  18. ct_bolt

    ✩✩✩ ☺ CT_Bolt's MV Creation Page ☺ ✩✩✩

    ✩✩✩ ☺ CT_Bolt's MV Creation Page ☺ ✩✩✩ Hello everyone, this will be where I will post my resources for RPG Maker MV. :cutesmile: Terms of Use: Feel free to use in Commercial or Non-Commercial games. You may edit this if you like; Please let me know and post...
  19. MeowFace

    Multiplying Enemies

    Done for a request here. This seems to be a fun script so i am sharing it here for anyone else that needs it. This script allows the making of multiplying enemies. (enemy that splits and multiplies) eg. Slimes that kept multiplying at each turn's end until the original slime is killed...
  20. Corvellia


    So there's this scene coming up in my game where I want a village to be burning down, but I'm not entirely sure how to you know....make things be on fire.  Is there a way to do this with original RPG Maker VX Ace graphics or am I going to have to reach out into other texture packs to achieve this?

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