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  1. Puppet Knight

    Whats the Story behind your profile pics? Your first game?

    Morning all! We see a lot of random pfps out there and so I wanted to throw a thread out there that wasn't me fishing for plugin labor for once xD. Whats the story behind your profile pic (bonus if its related to your username) and what was the inspiration for your first projects story...
  2. Yrythaela

    Eloquent Countenance, a review. Amazing art and story for someone who made it as their first game.

    This game was made by RachelDrawsThis and this is their first game and it took them 18 days. With this amazing art, its honestly amazing. Here's a review of their game. Play Eloquent Countenance here!
  3. [Help] How to merge stats with another actor only in battle

    I'm wondering how I could achieve what is stated above. Where you merge or add the difference between your stats of another actor. I'm trying to create a game where you have a partner is a living weapon and when in battle you transform merging together sharing abilities and stats. the skills I...
  4. my game jam in 2 weeks - 2016

    how to upload game ?? okay nvm forget how to upload it i will just show you video ;)

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I kept saying I suck at writing stories. But I can't believe I wrote one these days. Feels good now that the winged blonde girl I often share has an actual lore and plot going.
Huge breakthrough! I finally fixed the dimensions on the WEBM used in the cinematic that ends the demo and introductory segment in MC:RIS, around the one-minute mark:

(There's some audio desync because the capture is an MP4.)
Kudos to everyone making game jam games, because this month has been hell for my development time. I have made a cutscene, 2 sprites, and 1 tile.

I guess I've made conceptual progress in hammering out combat roles and having fixes to be implemented (though I haven't done that yet)

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