first game

  1. Farko

    Hey there guys! Long time lurker, first time poster. Here to show the results of my first full fledged attempt at making a game. Farko is almost completed but still in development regardless. I would really appreciate it if you guys could give me some feedback. But most importantly I hope you...
  2. Find_Ruby

    -Edited 7/8/2015- This game, called Find_Ruby is my tutorial game of sorts. This is the first time I have made a game, and my first time using RPG Maker VX Ace (or any other RPG Maker) You follow a character named Elliette Richter, as she has to search for her friend Ruby Kellar through...
  3. Please Continue my Work

    Hello and welcome to my first thread ever in these forums!  :D   :D   :D   A long time ago i acquired RPG Maker Vx Ace. I have fooled around with it for a while but never really made a real project. However i did create one that i put quite a lot of work into as it was my first every...
  4. Demonheart

    Hello. My name is Dave and I really like JRPGs!!! I have made my first JRPG game and it is very short but I think it is good for me. This game should only take 5-10 minutes to experience fully unless you get very stuck or like reading the dialogue so much that you just can't stop. Overview...
  5. The Black Halo - Menace [Demo Available!]

    The Black Halo Menace     Just a warning about this game: It curses quite a bit. For people who can take crude humor, and laugh at it for the humor it is. Now that you have been warned, let us commence. So, you want to hear a story, eh? No? Too bad, I'm telling you anyways. Welcome to...
  6. ZeroAtEnd

    The Iniquitous Gospel (Demo Available)

    The Iniquitous Gospel   Introduction       Story   Features 1) Original Music (created by terrabyte303) 2) Lighting script by Near Fantastica 3) Mouse capability gameplay script by Near Fantastica & SephirothSpawn 4) Book like illustrations specially made (in the works) 5) Puzzle mechanics...
  7. CrypticCuddler

    First Game: Busts or Face Graphics

    :blush:   So, I probably KNOW the answers I will get, but still want some opinions. I had thought previously that, yeah, the faces on the character generator in RPGMakerVX Ace isnt the BEST, but it's nice enough! And I've been working hard to make all my characters as different as possible in...
  8. Puxido

    Making ores- I need help- event help

    Im trying to make my first game, so I decided to add ores.  I made an event where the player can mine amathyst out of amythyst ore, the only problem is that they could spam it. How do i make an event where you cannot repeat the event for say 30 minutes, (the time really doesnt matter, and I...
  9. Scythuz

    It's taken years, but I think I may finally be ready to make a game of my own!

    First off, apologies to the mods if this is in the wrong place.  Feel free to move this thread if needs be.  This is a long read so I'll try to summarise it at the end. Hey there guys so I've been on and off using rpg maker software for a fair amount of time, I think XP was the earliest...
  10. Chad Sexington

    Undeniably Sexy: A Thief's Tale

    Reviews "Undeniably Sexy - A Thief 's Tale is a powerful RPG with an emphasis on story. Numerous twists and omnipresent humor [will] make [sure you] will not get bored." says Goniec RM's Review in 2013. "4.5 out of 6" Source "The dialogue, characters, and story in the game are all pretty great...
  11. legoboss

    HIM Game

    HIM Official Website; HIM is my first game created on the Rpg Maker system. It uses mostly RTP tiles and textures. CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is appreciated. ;) Estimated Game Time: (30m - 3h) Story Working as a Royal Guard in the Castle Of Helivitian...

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