first person battles

  1. Kemsyn


    Backstory In 2038, the discovery of element zero, forever changed the future of humanity. Technology rapidly advanced and it soon became the most valuable commodity in the known Universe. The megacorporations began sending out prospecting crews, individuals with little or nothing to lose. Due...
  2. atma505

    Implementing a 1st-person "Grid" battle system

    Hey everyone! So I'm trying to work out a battle system that would ultimately look a little something like this. Different attacks/skills will affect different sections of the "grid." Allies would be on a 3x3 grid, same as enemies, and some skills might impact both sides (essentially making...
  3. FishStickMystic

    RMVXA [R13] Dubventure ACE (Game Available!!)

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The story follows YouTuber Dubious D as he ventures through Australia, Tasmania, and other various islands to find his missing scientist...
  4. Mr-Toyblock

    First person battle: enemy animations.

    Yo yo. So I'm in need of help for my game. I'm using a first person battle view, and I want it so enemy attack animations will show. I've seen it done in other first-person rpgmaker games, so I know it's possible. Thank you.
  5. Change Animation of the Attack Command in Battle?

    Is there a way to make it where a specific character has a specific skill animation when you choose the "Attack" option in battle? I can't seem to figure this out, and would appreciate any help.

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