first person shooter

  1. Celianna

    Game & Map Screenshots 11

    Game & Map Screenshots 11 This thread is meant for showing off screenshots or maps made for your project, and to comment on or give advice to other members. Screenshots of any Maker (including Visual Novel Maker) is welcome. No other game engines are allowed. In-game screenshots and...
  2. castiger

    RMMV First Person Shooter - Knight of the Celestial Early Preview

    Just so everyone knows that it is possible, here's an early preview of the game i'm working on! Soon I'll show off the magic system, and the item system, as well as some magical weaponry, but lets start out with Autoguns and the Pingun. :)
  3. Dr. Madd

    First Person-like Combat

    Good Day Scripters, I've got a rather complicated battle system to propose to you all. It's a bit of a challenge though. Here's how it goes: My game is set on the modern era, the main character can choose from a wide variety of jobs like an infantry, demolitionist, melee fighter, sniper and...

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Finally finished the first hand-drawn map! It took me a week, but I'm so proud!
Actual line of code I just had to write for a plugin:

return Object.keys(this._shopStock).map(key => key.split(",")).map(element => => Number(value))).filter(key => key[0] === mapId && key[1] === eventId);
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