1. CaptainRadish

    RMVXA Dungeon Quest synopsis

    Dungeon Quest (working title) Synopsis The Story: The world of Perth is shrouded in darkness. Evil magic poisons the land in the form of bloodthirsty monsters. Demons walk the land in some places, sometimes seeking to bargain with mortals, sometimes to just take souls by force. Evil dragons...
  2. wr41thx


    TGH (It is an acronym, but as for what it means...that's up to the player.  I would love to hear what people's thoughts are on what it stands for.) I made this short, strange horror/suspense game in about 2 days (though figuring out how to get everything to work as intended took a week or two...
  3. Loa Entertainment

    Strato Mech Demo 1.06

    Game Demo:  Strato Mech Current version:  1.06 Synopsis: Strato Mech is the first official release of a one-woman startup indie studio called Loa Entertainment.  Developed using vxace, it has quickly evolved over the mere two weeks since its original conception.  A fast-paced and challenging...
  4. Osoni

    Battle View Switch

    Hi everyone, Let the requests commence! Here's one I'm sure many people will ask for: I would love a function that let me switch between the first-person view and the side view battle modes. Switching in the middle of a battle would be cool but probably not possible. Instead, I just want a...

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