1. VitaliaDi

    How does your first game compare with your second?

    I finished making my first recently, wondering what type of progress everyone else has made. How have you improved in any area of game-making? Edit: Would you say that with experience improvement will come naturally or is it more of an active discovery of your weaker areas and honing them? Not...
  2. TruBeast

    Educational RPG - NPC that that changes based on PC level or abilities

    Hey all, first of all I'm REALLY new both RPG Maker and this forum (first post - yay!!), so sorry in advance if I do not use correct terminology or post structures :). I'm currently working on my 1st RPG designed to help my kids to assist them in areas they are struggling in a way that's in...
  3. Missing actor images in menu for first open with Yanfly Grid-Free Doodads

    Hi! I use RPG Maker MV 1.5.0 with Yanfly Engine Plugins - Grid-Free Doodads. However it is one of the best plugin for the maker, I have strange bug because it. Maybe you know something about it. If the plugin is on then actor images always missing from the menu for first open: After this...
  4. Rikketz

    How to make a dungeon?

    Hello! I'm really new with VNM and I wonder how can I create a dungeon. I'm trying to do something like a first person dungeon where you can look up to the 4 directions but it seems to be really hard to be made. Does anyone have some idea or something to begin with? Thank you soooo much!! :)
  5. trying to make text go backwards problem

    Hello!! I think this is my first actual post in this forums so.....that's fun ^^: Anyway, I have a problem with some javascript that I've been working on. I'm still a bit of a newbie when it comes to this language so please bear with me. So I'm trying to find a way to make it so that when the...
  6. Cerulean Sky

    Hi, Hello, Hi! :D

    I just wanted to say... ...that... ...I'm new here... ...and... ...I hope... ...that everyone is having a wonderful game-making day!;):thumbsup-left:
  7. My first ever, umm, game sort of thing.

    I decided to try my hand at making a video game in order to fuel my new found Lego addiction. Looking up ways to build a game without much technical knowledge I read that RPG maker was pretty easy to use, and it was. I decided to make a dark, depressing post apocalyptic survival game because...
  8. Pokemon walking sprite requests

    Hey, I have a small request for anyone who would be willing to help me with my first game. I just need walking sprites for Mewtwo, a childlike Mewtwo, armored Mewtwo. and Mew in the MV style. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
  9. That Guy Who Does Stuff

    First Person?

    So a while back someone made a first person engine in Ace. Is this possible to recreate in MV? Thank you.
  10. Simple Title Screen (My Very First Script)

    Hello! I just made my very first script and it is 'Simple Title Screen'! Well, its kinda too simple.. Screenshot: SCRIPT: Get it here.
  11. Official Lost Souls

    First RPG game you ever played

    What was the first RPG game you ever played? Mine was Mad Father... *Shivers*
  12. NTakamura

    What was your first RPG Maker Project like?

    I am curious how was your first RPG Maker project like? Did you finish it? If you didn't what was your first completed RPG Maker Game Project like? I myself have not finished a project so unfortunately. 
  13. _Shadow_

    [VX Ace] Parallax mapping. The very first! How it works.

    If you know how to make good maps, but not have an idea on how parallax mapping works, then this tutorial is for you. It doesn't show how to make great maps, that has been shown well already by other tutorials here and there. But I found out that it was somewhat intimmidatating for me to set a...
  14. Josephkhland

    Starting my first Video Game

    So I am starting my very first video game in this engine, now that I am quite familiar with it. I will be practicing my scripting skills (I am still a beginner in those) during it and I don't know when I will finally complete it.  Most likely I will share it for free when It is done. The story...
  15. BlackRoseMii

    What was your first game?

    I'm struggling with my first (real) game right now. Not with the program or anything, but rather with the thought of it not becoming something worth playing. I know it's a stupid thought, since the first game will never be perfect, but little things like these bother me a lot. So I thought, if...
  16. Muhathan

    New to RPG Maker VX Ace

    Hello guys, let's put it bluntly: I'm new here, thus new to the RPG Maker engines. I am a really big fan of the RPG genre, or everything that is story-heavy (RPGs, Adventures, or Visual Novels) and atmospherically overwhelming. But the current problem is, I want to have my own story, my own...
  17. How old were you when you made your first game?

    Hello everyone. The more times passes, the more I realize Game Design is a very complicated business. It must take years to really become great at it, and practice is slower than someone like drawing since it takes longer to make a  game than it does a picture. I speak from experience, as I have...
  18. Earthtian

    ---When did you use your first computer?---

    When was the first time you laid your hands on the keyboard, put your hand on the mouse and used a computer? just figured I would ask that question! The first time I used one was at the age of 5 and Windows XP was not even a year old :guffaw:  .  I played pokemon sapphire with an emulator and...
  19. (Ace) Need help with a script

    Hey there, I worked the whole day on a cooking script and I need someone who is more experienced then me to overlook it if there are any mistakes. It may be helpful to know that this is my first script and that I made it with the help of a video (It was sometimes hard to see what was going on...

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