1. ReeledTiedBTH

    Fishing Plugin?

    So...I saw this video called Gauge plugin...I forgot the name. But you can use that plugin to fish. However, the video was old and it doesn't work anymore :/ So is there another easier way to make a fishing mini-game using a gauge?
  2. Jaded

    Fishing trouble

    I first created all the items needed. I got the chopping block done that creates the "bait elixir". That works ok... The spot is set up a "action button" and just plays a splash animation and then common event bait elixir... (Edit: bait elixir is set up as a key item.) So I created a common...
  3. TheLastYuriSamurai

    RMMV Monster Village (IGMC Entry)

  4. IkutsukiYuri

    How to make synthesis and fishing like in the Atelier games?

    ...Hello once again Yes I think I'm actually just making an unofficial Atelier game Anyways... How do you make synthesization? And also fishing? Thanks for reading! And I hope that any one of you'll be able to enlighten me on the techniques ;w;
  5. Skytor

    Fishing Rod

    Hi, I made a fishing mini-game and am looking for some fishing rod icons that i can edit into an icon set. If you would like to make it, I need one mv style icon and 3 vxa style icons, all to fit mv. The 1st vx style would be wooden the second wooden with metal braces and the third would be...
  6. Mr.Chris

    Anyone familiar with Galv fishing mod?

    I am looking for someone who can make a couple changes to the 'Galv fishing' plugin. I would want "Line", "Hook" and "Reel" to be added just like how rod and bait are currently. the 'line" would act like the rod does, where too much stress and the line breaks. the hook would determine if a fish...
  7. fishing level gains based on fish caught

    I'm trying to make my character lvl up his fishing based on what you catch, i want it to have a percentage or a 1 in 10 (or something) chance or something to level up the fishing after catching a fish. the problem im having is that i can't figure out how to set it up. ive made the variable...
  8. Fishing Rod

    Surprisingly, I found it hard to find a decent fishing rod. I tried shrinking images of real fishing rods, but they're all so thin the rod ends up almost invisible. I wasn't able to source the few I found that might have been good enough. Anyone know of a fishing rod in a nice, restful pose and...
  9. grem333

    fishing system

    Hey guys! I want to create a specific fishing system through eventing and I wanted to know if it was possible. I have set up a working fishing system in my game with conditional branches and whatnot. Easy. The problem I'm having is I want the player to have to press "A" or "enter" within like...
  10. YvetteJene

    Harvesting/Gathering System Without Multiple Variables

    Gathering System with No Variables Hello, everyone! After MV came out, I had been on the lookout for gathering and crafting systems and plugins for this specific editor. I came across this thread on Mining, Smelting, & Synthesis by Syndicate (which was super helpful,) and used it as a...
  11. Syndicate

    RPG Maker MV - Fishing System / Mini Game [Intermediate]

    RPG MAKER MV FISHING EVENTS! In this tutorial and demo (provided) you will learn how to make your very own fishing mini-game and/or event for integrating a fishing node/spot into your maps. Recommended you know a little about switches, conditional branches and variables. (pst, I'll be doing a...
  12. GrandmaDeb

    Aindra's Jumping Fish Events transferring to Ace

    As a treat to myself for finishing my class!! (party balloons and noise makers!!!!!) I am going to celebrate by recreating a new version of Aindra's Dungeon Circus in Ace. And one of my favorite parts is the fishing game and the animated fishes. Jumping Fish sprite by Aindra. Nice, right...
  13. Yuki Harada

    Need a Sprite...

    Hi I need a sprite in a fishing position, male please. I need it for my game as an NPC because I don't bind well in the art realm. Sooooooo yeah... Thanks!! Yuki
  14. Jef299

    The Land of the Fish 4/26/16 Game no longer availible.

    I would like to ask the mods to delete this thread. I no longer wan my games online for personal reasons. Thank you to all who enjoyed and God bless.

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