1. whtdragon

    whtdragon's tilesets addons, fixes and more!

    So I've been debating on doing this for awhile, and I'm still not quite sure how to organize this stuff out, so bare with me while I get things straightened out, but basically I've been working on tilesets for awhile in between animal sprites and other stuff, just kind of looming in the backdrop...
  2. IceDragon

    kode xchange

    KODE-XCHANGE .. Introduction Welcome to my code exchange thread. Or maybe I should call it snippet dump? .. What Is This? Over the course of my time in the IRC, we have a few folks logging on, expressing a few problems, or some feature they'd like in RMVXA or RGSS3, other scripts are just...
  3. Archeia

    Bug Fixes List

    Bug Fixes List December 23, 2018 UPDATE: Bug Fixes are now downloadable in .rb format here. VXAce SP1 Bug Fixes Compilation of Official Bug Fix List by Enterbrain. Yanfly Bug Fixes List Composes of bug fixes and visual enchantments. They can be disabled at will. Lonewolf's Unofficial Bug...

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--- Music Selection ---

M.Archer: It's Music Station,You can Change the Music as you like.
F.Healer: i want to hear the Romantic Music.
M.Fighter: Then,i want the Hard-Rock one!
(the Troll Song has played)
M.Archer: Hey,i hear this Music.
F.Healer: It's popular from Internet Music,i wonder who change it?
Hero: I change it.
Entire Party: YOU????

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