1. DarknessFalls

    Flare Game Over Event

    Flare Call Event On Game Over vs 1.0   Download: Grab it here Credit: Darknessfalls You can use this in commercial games. so simple no other script or idea can compete :) I aim to please and make things simple for the community This script is super simple and super basic. There is no screen...
  2. DarknessFalls

    Flare Remove Troop From Region

    Flare Remove Troop From Region vs 1.0 Download: Here Credit: Darknessfalls You can use for free in commercial games This script will remove one or more enemy troops from the `encounterList` for a map object. We do this destructively, how ever its also non destructive such that I save...
  3. DarknessFalls

    Flare Collection - Play Music on Region Touch

    Flare Play Music On Region Touch vs 1.0 Download: here Credit: Darknessfalls The above shows you how to quickly set up a set of regions that when touched music plays. In the above, 19 plays the river BGS while 20 fades it out over 2 seconds. So How is this done? Paint some regions on the...
  4. DarknessFalls

    Flare Collection - Laws For Map

    Flare Collections - Laws for Map vs2.0 Created by DarknessFalls. All Credit must be given to me. Free for commercial use.   Download: Get me The script must be named: Flare-LawsForMap.js ATTN! All code is written in ES6, including classes, static classes and so on. Do not edit the script...
  5. DarknessFalls

    Flare Collection - Currencies

    Flare Currencies - A better way to manage currencies, v3.0 Darkness Falls, MIT License, Credit must be given to me. free for commercial usage  Download: Get The Script, Make sure to name the script: Flare-Currency.js Screenshots: Disclaimer All code is written in ES6 and compiled to ES5...
  6. DarknessFalls

    Flare Collection: Notification

    Flare Notification - vs 3.0 Darkness Falls Terms: Credit must be given to me. Mit license means you can do what ever.  free for commercial usage  Flare Notifications allows you to create notification windows based on different events. So lets create a notification...

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