1. gothicvoid

    [MV] Simple Radius effect Dimming Flashlight and Batteries

    Simple Radius effect Dimming Flashlight and Batteries So some will find this trivial, but thought I'd post to help out the newer members. I'm a novice myself with eventing but this works, so if you see something that might work nicer and cleaner... please feel free to add in some screenshots to...
  2. Terrax Lighting

    So I installed the latest plugin and input the event commands in both the common events, the map, and also made the flashlight item but nothing is working. Please help.
  3. ddblue

    Quick question about Terrax Lighting plugin

    Hello all! I love Terrax lighting and I got it working the way I like, almost. I found the flashlight settings to be a bit bright, so I changed the color to something darker to compensate. I found a color I like, but for some reason the player still glows brightly. Here are screenshots to...
  4. yomaniac

    Need Help with Making a Flashlight

    Hello, I would like to have a flashlight effect for my game but I'm not quite sure how to do that any ideas?
  5. OverTheWay

    Light effects plugin

    Hello there! I am currently working on a horror game and I wanted to add light efects, like for example, make the room dark but make a light around the player. So basically I am looking for a plugin that adds flashlight/lamp effect, prefferably to be able to turn it off at some point(For example...
  6. Hyouryuu-Na

    Making a Flashlight item that uses Batteries [Demo included]

    Hi! This is my first tutorial so I may not be able to explain things very well. This one is very easy to set up, once one understands the use of common events, variables and switches but I’ll still post this here in case someone has a hard time figuring out how to implement it. Edit May 15th...
  7. The Working Man

    How to create a flashlight using terrax lighting

    Hi I am creating a survival horror in MV and I can't seem to wrap my head around making a flashlight sort of effect (a cone of light that shines in front of the player) using the terrax mapping plugin, in the help it says to use 'Flashlight on 8 12 #FFFFFF 3' I've tried pasting that code...
  8. Name

    Khas Lighting [Flashlight]

    Okay, I am using Khas awesome lighting script, and the flashlight will not turn off! I used the off switch and even removed the item that was using it and the light still remains on! Can anyone help me with this problem? (The flashlight is an item and is ran by a common event with the light...
  9. Making a flashlight

    Hi, so Im new to rpg maker, but have lots of ideas Id like to try out. One idea is for my characters to have to use a flashlight in the dungeons to see enemies. Im sure some people have done this, so I'm curious how I would do it. 
  10. Quailar

    Basic Evented Moving Lights and Lantern

    Basic Evented Moving Lights and Lantern I wanted to make a lighting system with events instead of scripts.  This system allows you to event moving lights on any event.  It also has a lantern feature for player.  based on a picture overlay for lantern. Requirements: 2 night and lantern files...
  11. [RMXP] Item-Based Flashlight System

    This tutorial is how to make an item-based flashlight system, which allows the player to toggle the flashlight on and off from the item menu. No scripts. No huge amounts of parallel process events on each map. All common events. In order to start the tutorial, you need to download the two (2)...

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