1. Black Pagan

    Dealing with Difficult Encounters

    What are some ways you can think of dealing with Difficult Encounters ? What i mean by this is, The Enemies being on almost the same level of Stats as the Player or a Higher level. In this case, There needs to be some options for the Player to consider to come up with a result other than an...
  2. Xina

    Yanfly Visual Battlers

    I am going nuts here. Please help! My current scripts in order are: Yanfly Engine Ace - Ace Core Engine v1.09 Yanfly Engine Ace - Ace Battle Engine v1.22 Yanfly Engine Ace - Victory Aftermath v1.04 I'm trying to have a battle with a forced action event where the character runs away after...
  3. xdan

    Button to end battle

    This is a very simple script. To explain, that is. When the player pushes a certain button (let's say R), the turn ends immediately and the party attempts to flee from the battle.
  4. Lunawolfcomics

    NPC Flees/Chases you while avoiding walls

    Hey everyone just a quick question, I have several moments in my project where you have to chase an NPC or an NPC chases you. The problem is when this NPC reaches a wall he'll stop moving completely, is there a way to set it up that the NPC will maneuver around walls and such? Thank you -JAD
  5. zero50

    A question regarding input in battle (Is this scenario possible?)

    Hello! It seems I need your help once again! What I'm trying to achieve here is bypass the bug that I explained in this thread: http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/23247-ysa-atb-battle-symphony-escape-error/#entry221354 I want to ask if the following scenario is possible using...

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