1. How to flip a character Sprite in a scene

    Hello! I am brand new to Visual Novel Maker and I am trying to figure out how to flip a character sprite (horizontally). Supposedly, you can do this when the character joins the scene, but how do you do it when that character is already in the scene? Like if I want them to move to one side of...
  2. tale

    Enemy Scale/Invert

    Enemy Scale/Invert - 2012/1/19 Creator name: mo-to Overview Scale / Invert effect can be used without directly editing the enemy graphics. How-to In the enemy Note box, put this note tag <scale> If you use <invert> inside the enemy Note box, the enemy graphic is flipped horizontal. Can be...
  3. KingKraken

    Toggle Sideview Battle Flip/Mirror

    Hey all! I'm looking for a type of plugin that will allow me to switch sideview battlers and enemies positions during battle, depending on some kind of toggle. The main reasoning for this is for consistency. I have a side scrolling game, so left and right directions play an important role in...
  4. lvkennelly

    How to flip Yanfly's animated battlers horizontally?

    I've just started using YEP's animated sideview battlers to use sv_actors as enemies which is all working perfectly except for the fact that they're facing the wrong way! Does anyone know any way to flip them horizontally?? Can't find how to anywhere! Thanks!!
  5. baflink

    Flip face on X in dialog

    I am working on a game right now and all the character generation makes the faces looking to the left. As a developer my OCD demands that the faces look to the right. So rather than editing evey single picture of each generated character from now until infinity, I just made a plugin that will...
  6. MeowFace

    Battlers Flip Animation

    Made for a request here. This script simply animate the battlers by flipping their image. (As shown in the example below but with one difference, each battler has its own move timer, they will not be moving at the same time.) This is mainly for frontal battler's image only, those image...
  7. Flip picture horizontally/vertically

    Hello, I need a script command to flip picture # horizontally/vertically. Something like this. https://yanflychannel.wordpress.com/rmvxa/utility-scripts/flip-picture/ But I think it would be better if I just could "flipPicture(Index, Horizontal/Vertical)"~
  8. pxldrm

    Flip Around Single Enemy Graphic During Battle

    I would like to flip a single enemy around by using a script call or symphony tag during battle. I am not using a spriteset for enemies, only a single png image. I see that there is a method to mirror animations in Sprite_Base but it's a little beyond me on how to implement this for...

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