1. OldPat

    Karma Flow - the Prototype [ENG WIP]

    As English is not my primary language, I apologize in advance for any wrong sentences that you may encounter from here on out.^^' I've decided to put this in the "Project Development" section even though is a full game because the English version is still WIP, but since I began working on it, I...
  2. [ACE] Displaying {Yanfly} combat log text without it appearing mid-battle?

    This is the normal command to have text be displayed in the log of Yanfly's Combat Log Display https://yanflychannel.wordpress.com/rmvxa/battle-scripts/combat-log-display/ combatlog(text)However, this call was not designed to be accessed outside of the script (or so I believe). So I normally...
  3. Bonkers

    Palladinthug's Game Making Tips

    Dialogue Say it with me now.  Change is good, and empowers you.  No amount of work and investment of time is wasted when it broadens your experience with media and allows you to think  outside of your comfort zone.  It's this zone that will make you seem lazy to others, when in fact you're...
  4. Bonkers

    Dialogue Workshop

    Not the usual workshop you'd expect where graphics, music, and physical resources exist. This is more the unspoken word, and heart of game dev where we explore concepts, scenes, dialogue, and everything between the pretty graphics and musics of the finished project. Being here means taking...
  5. Simon D. Aelsi

    What music inspires YOU to create?

    What music inspires YOU to create? Do you listen to only one genre? Do you try to find genres that fit the game you're working on? Or... Are you a wildcard? Will almost anything inspire you to create? Share with me? For those who don't know, listen to the links the others inspire.   Believe it...
  6. Chanto

    [Ace] Looking to overhaul the battle system; how does it flow?

    I'll get my main question out of the way first:  Does anyone have a definite flowchart or anything of the sort to demonstrate how RGSS3 jumps from each event to others and back from start to finish in the progression of a battle? Basically, I'm trying to figure out where in the world I should...

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