1. Sarah_yt

    Sarah's RTP edits & Looseleaf clothes sprites

    VX Ace Edits. For doodads, visit and search through the 'resources' tag. Latest item: More signs (glass and ice) - 7 February 2018 Doodads available at
  2. l8rose

    L8rose's MV Resources

    As I somehow managed to delete half this while fixing the links. RPGMaker MV Edits Available for Commercial and Non-Commercial provided you own RPGMaker MV. No credit to me necessary but other standard RPGMaker MV credits are required. Original Stuff For use in MV Non Commercial Credit...
  3. Sythian Bard

    Garden Diversity & More

    I love diversity in every aspect of a game. I hate seeing the same thing over and over again. So my wife and I started doing this. Hope you like. Benches Stoneware (Front View) Stone Seating (Back View) Flowering Plants Trees & Bushes Sign Terms of Use: Free to use in your...
  4. petschko

    Petschko's Resources

    Hello, i've edited some parts of the RTP-Tilesets ( Outside_B, Dungeon_B ) of the RPG-Maker-MV, so I decided to share my changes.^^ Licence -> (LINK) -> You can use anything in this Post in EVERY RPG-Maker-MV-Project even Commercial (If you credit me)! -> You can edit my work but please share...

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