fog of war

  1. Pheonix KageDesu

    Fog Of War (make dungeon even more dangerous) [MZ, MV]

    Fog Of War 1.0 Pheonix KageDesu Video: example of usage Fog of War plugin with Alpha ABS (Alpha ABS Z) plugins Introduction Plugin allows you add dynamic fog of war on map Features: Make really difficult dungeons with dynamic fog of war Hide enemies, traps, treasures and secret paths...
  2. Blurry fog over region

    Hi guys, Is there a way to hide an area of the map with a blurry fog ? I'm currently using MrTrivels' Dark Room Covers plugin but there's no blur in it. Thanks
  3. EpicFILE

    Change Plugin Parameter Through Event

    Hello! I'm wondering if it's possible to change plugin parameters through event? If it's possible, how to do it? This is CityShrimp Fog of War plugin. So I want to change the player vision range to 6 when certain switch is activated. I also want to change the true or false parameter through...
  4. Parallax Panda

    Map Layout Advice & Opinions

    This will be a rather lengthy explanation so bear with me! I've run into a little bit of a problem with the mapping style I've chosen, and I rather not change the style because I've put a lot of time and effort into it (and I think it looks good). The problem is that it's difficult to map rooms...
  5. Parallax Panda

    Show pictures that does not move (with camera)

    Hey, some help here folks. I've a problem I'm not sure how to solve. I'm using the "Show Picture" command to put fog of war over certain parts of the map. It works fine when I use maps that has the same size as the screen resolution but of course it does not work well with bigger maps since the...
  6. cityshrimp

    CityShrimp's Fog of War/Lighting System

    CS_FogOfWar v1.1.2 CityShrimp Introduction Fog of War System for RPG Maker MV.  Includes features such as hidden map, gradient vision, and dynamic adding/removing of light source to create many different types of fog of war.  It can also be used to create lighting effects for indoor maps...
  7. Tigersong

    Fog of War

    I'm wondering if someone might help me out here. Just wondering if a fog-of-war script is plausible. (What I mean is, something obscures each map tile until the player has stepped on it.)
  8. Tsukihime

    Region Fog

    This script allows you to control fog of war using region tiles.  Each map can assign multiple different regions of fog. Different fog regions are separate from one another. Script calls are used to show or hide region fog.   Download Get it at Hime Works!

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