1. merging .rpgmvp with .png

    When export & encrypt the project, all img files will be encrypted. but what if I only want the 'faces', 'pictures', and 'titles'? that 4 folders that I want to encrypt. can I merge encrypted files with non-encrypted files? and can I replace that encrypted file with the original unencrypted file?
  2. 48Tentacles

    [Help, GENE] Where do I store the images to use with GENE? *SOLVED*

    I'm having a problem when it comes to using images and folder directories with GENE. I'm sending you a screen capture. In this image, I click on the grey space I've marked with a green mark. Then a window opens, but there is nothing stored in there, as I marked with a red mark. Where do I...
  3. Parallax Panda

    About the "__STaR__" Folder in the DLC...

    I'm using the STEAM version of VN maker and I found that there's a folder (in the DLC folder) called "__STaR__". It seems to include all the assets that come pre-installed with a new project, but some additional stuff as well. Namely a few color variations of the "Date Locations" and a "Fantasy"...
  4. Deployment screw up, please give me advice!

    Hello, Alright so I was trying to show off what I made to a friend, and unfortunately I choose the same folder as the Deployment zone because I assumed it would be somewhat of just an EXE Unfortunately, it was not so, and thus the filesize was far too big to work around. Now, my issue is...
  5. Harken_W

    Use different parallax folder when game runs plugin.

    Like the image above shows, I'd like to use the parallax folder as normal in the editor. But when the game is run, I'd like it to use an image of the same name from a different folder. In the above example, Mountains4.png is from the parallaxes folder and can be seen on the map in the EDITOR...
  6. Kyuukon

    Change Save File Location

    Hello. I'd like to request a plugin that lets me change the default location of where the save files go (for desktop, at least). Ideally, I'd like to place them somewhere like "AppData/Roaming/GameTitle". This would be helpful for many reasons. I wonder if this is possible at all with...
  7. Denisowator

    Additional .dll files in System folder get deleted?

    So I'm trying to implement HimeWorks' Collision Maps. And there's a required .dll file which needs to be in the System folder of the project. Whenever I put it there and try to run the game, it gives me the error that it needs that file. And when I check the System folder, the .dll file I put...
  8. RPG Maker MV - Character Generator Folder on Mac

    Good Evening, I am looking for the character generator folder on my mac and can't seem to find it. When I go to my character generator I only see one of each graphic for the child generator (one hairstyle one clothing etc.) I'm trying to add the new child generator designs that I found in my...
  9. Welle

    Pros and Cons "after" buying RM MV from Steam or Website!?

    Hello and I hope I don't double post. But I'm about to buy RPG MAKER MV (Note: my first rpg maker programm)! That is why I got a few good questions. And being in my early planning state, means I have some time until I buy the software! I would like to hear some Pro's thoughts, but everyone is...
  10. Cheah Hsun Teik

    another way to preview my rpg maker mv game

    Instead of previewing my rpgmaker MV game with the run button in the software,I wanted to run my game directly from the game folder of the game I created,but I don't see the game,I just see the resources in that folder?
  11. Chester

    Do MV Games show up as a Folder in the phone?

    Hey, So I was watching the MV episode where they showed some of the combat on the phone and I want to know... Do MV Games when EXPORTED for Android/Apple show up in the phone as a Folder or as a Shortcut that when tapped, opens the game?
  12. Matseb2611

    Protecting Audio Folder

    Hello there. I've searched the forum and I noticed this topic has come up before but none of those threads really had proper answers. I do realise that when encrypting a game, the audio folder doesn't get protected together with the other resources, so I was wondering if there was a way to do...

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