follow up skills

  1. Szibes

    Yanfly's Follow-up skills doesn't work with "Force Action" command

    Just a thing I noticed when doing some testing, Follow-up skills does not work with "Force action". I checked, and it isn't caused by any compatibility issues or anything, it's just how it is. My question is; why it doesn't work and how/if it can be fixed?
  2. Devildimos

    [Solved]Auto Battle Flag bugged with Yanfly Follow up Skill Script [RPG VX ACE]

    Good day everyone. During some play testing I found a bug with this script (Yanfly Follow up Skills). Whenever I have an actor that have the auto battle flag active (In my case in the class tab) actors ignore any follow up note tags. But without the auto battle flag. The actors perform the...
  3. Follow-Up Skills compatibility issue?

    So I'm using Yanfly's Battle Core with the action sequences, and I have SumRndmDde's Sequence Input plugin. I am also using KockaAdmiralac's Follow-up Skills plugin. The thing I am trying to do is use a follow-up skill if a button is pressed at the right time. I am trying it like this: <target...
  4. Creating Follow-up Skills that trigger off of States

    I have been trying to create a Class that makes follow-up attacks based on the status effect(s) inflicted on an enemy it attacks or targets with a Skill. I originally tried using Victor Engine's FollowUp Skills Plugin (in addition to the Basic Module), and that seems to work, except it doesn't...
  5. MrPurpleDreadlocks

    Follow Up Skills Eval Assistance

    Hello lovely folks, I ran into a problem. Follow Up Skills: I have 3 Skills. A Skill called Fire Jolt, a skill the player users to shoot a jolt of fire at an enemy. A Skill called Master of Fire that makes it when...

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