1. wanderingRapscallion

    Hide actor from battles?

    Hi, I have some character followers that I would like to not be included in battle, how would I achieve them following the player in the overworld but not be included in battle?
  2. RMMZ Follower Delay

    Hello, I have been looking for a plugin for RPG Maker MZ to improve the follower system and couldn't find anything that fits my wishes. I want the followers to give the party leader a little more space instead of following you so closely, like making the followers following you a little delayed...
  3. Neikoku

    Followers walking in water (MV)

    Hi! I managed to make a walking-in-water sprite work for the player as well as the follower when crossing a river, but the problem with how I made it is when the player steps in the water and the follower is still on land, the follower also gets the water sprite when he's not yet in the water...
  4. Eliaquim

    Eli Party Map Settings - Set up some configurations according to the leader!

    Author: Hakuen Studio Introduction You can set specific configurations for the player according to the actor that is the party leader. Features You can change some configurations for the player according to the actor that is the party leader: • Move Speed • Opacity • Blend mode • Move...
  5. TheGameAfter

    Player/Party system - Resources (TGA)

    Hey game maker, I hope you doing well, one of the main RPG maker mv features including the 'Party' system where you can add more Actor to your team and give them skills/items and more, same as the Primary Actor. In this post, I bring you all the tools/plugins I found so far the can give you...
  6. Kristina

    Show animation on follower

    As the title says, I want to show an animation on a follower. Is there anyone who knows how I can do that? I would like to avoid making a cutscene.
  7. PhxFire

    Looking for movement/ collision map plugins that support followers

    So I need a movement plugin that lets me set the default move size to smaller than 48 pixels and it also need to support some kind of custom collision map. I've tried The QPlus/ QMovement plugins which were great except it didn't work well with my follower (Made him slower than MC). I also tried...
  8. Ebanyle

    Talk to Followers

    Do your characters feel lonely even if they are accompanied? Are you lost, with no hints of what to do? With the Talk To Follower system, no more! Unless your follower is also lost, but at least you are not alone. Warning: This system mostly requires a "Turn Around" system. You can use...
  9. To make follower through on

    Hey i'm in a pickle here, i want to make my follower through so when enemy chase me, they dont get block by my follower, i already have 2 yanfly plugin the first one is event chase, the second one is encounteraid, in encounter aid already have follower trigger an event, but when combine it with...
  10. Problem about Follower Event Touch

    Hi I am using plugin Follower Event Touch by 姫HimeWorks And I got some question. Is there way to define different follower the event touch. I want to show different text when an event touch different follower. For example: touch follower 1...
  11. Follower Manager Plugins don't work on my project

    Hey everyone. I've had a strange issue that has halted my project in some way. I've been looking into plugins to move/remove/add followers on the map and found a few ones that allow the Movement Route command to effect your followers. However this does not work for what ever reason. I created a...
  12. mjshi

    Talk To Follower

    Talk To Follower v1.01 by mjshi- OK for use in all projects with credit Get it here! (direct link) <Requires Turn In Place> Why is it that the player can talk to everyone except for their closest friends? Well, no longer! Now, the player can talk to, specifically, the one...
  13. Juztsacki

    How To Make Only 1 Follower?

    Is it possible in rpg maker mv to only have one follower follow you in the party instead off all four?
  14. Sixth

    Follower Arranger - v1.0 (11/02/2016)

    - Script: - Demo: Nop, there is no demo! :p - Screenshots: - Author's Notes: What to write, what to write...
  15. Tyruswoo

    Follower Control Plugin by Tyruswoo

    Follower Control Plugin by Tyruswoo For RPG Maker MV How to Use: Follower Control allows you to use the following event commands on the party followers: Set Move Route Show Balloon Icon Show Animation Transfer Player This is great for cutscenes! In order to use the above on...
  16. DreamX

    Follower and Battle Member Options

    Follower and Battle Member Options By DreamX   Introduction/Features With notetags, you can choose which party members can appear as a follower or participate in battle. Patch Notes v1.08 - Now compatible with and requires YEP Party System How to Use *...
  17. ksart

    NPC followers?

    I have a scenerio where I need an NPC to follow the player from point a to point b, but not show up in battle and I have show followers turned off. I've tested eventing it with a simple move route "move towards player" but that could end up blocking the player. What I want is for the NPC to...
  18. KillerGin

    MV, Event activate on Follower touch

    Hello All! I was wondering if someone had created an event that activated on follower touch and not just on player touch. Yes, I have checked and it has been created for ACE, but as far as I know, not for MV. I have a dungeon that will randomly spawn Death that will pursue the player and if...
  19. KillerGin

    Javascript Plugin Resource Request

    Hello All, I am new to RPG Maker MV, I am not sure if there is exactly where I can request new Javascript Plugins (if its not I apologize, please provide the link) but here I go.  I am looking for two Plugins: 1) Makes the target actively flee the player (Think treasure goblins in Diablo 3)...
  20. Andrefpvs

    Follower's Commands (Show Balloon, Show Animation, etc. on Followers) (VX Ace script example include

    What I want to do   I'd like to be able to use Event Commands on my Followers (the party members that follow you around when outside of battle). For example, using Balloon Pop-ups on my followers, like this:   (This is a mockup of what I'd like to be able do)     Is there a VX Ace script that...

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