1. Gabe

    Gabe MZ - Followers Interaction

    Gabe MZ - Followers Interaction Introduction This plugin allows to interact with followers, calling Common Events that can be freely configured. How to Use Just insert the plugin and read the help section. Video Plugin FAQ This plugin...
  2. nio kasgami

    RMMZ Nio_StateSpriteFollowers (Dev)

    Introductions Familiar with the old rpgs like Dragon Quest wheres when your heroes was showing as coffin when they was K'O? Or how actors was showing different walking sprites depending if they was poisoned etc? Welp this plugin is does all of that! and even more! Features : Change followers...
  3. autophagy

    Arty's Follower Vehicles v1.1

    Arty's Follower Vehicles v1.1 by Artyrambles Introduction This plugin allows you to define vehicle graphics for your followers! Whenever your player uses a vehicle, your followers will now also use their own - or "disappear", or use a default vehicle graphic you set up. Features - define...
  4. Tressenia

    Followers ON/OFF in Options Menu? (YEP Options Core)

    I downloaded Yanfly's Options Core today, and it works great! I noticed there's a way to add new options to the menu, but I can't figure it out. At a point in my game, you have four characters in the party and most of them are riding horses, so I know it could be annoying for the player to see...
  5. coticka

    Player Followers possible tweak?

    Similar to Victor Sant's 'Followers Options' script for vxace, is there any way to edit some of the native .js files to possibly add a slight lag or wait time? Or specify the follower's movement in relationship to the radius or number of tiles away from the player they are?
  6. Featherbrain

    Large/long sprites: follower distance too close

    I'm making a project with non-human dinosaur characters and to achieve realistic proportions I would like to use longer and/or larger sprites (e.g. 96 x 48 or 96 x 96) for many of the characters, including the main party. However, the immediate problem I'm running into with larger characters is...
  7. xoferew

    Advice for handling followers

    I'm looking for advice on what to do with followers when what's happening is more than business as usual but less than a cutscene. I know not everyone uses visible followers, but this assumes visible followers. ^_^ Here are some examples from my game, just to give an idea what I'm talking...
  8. Ivan_the_Terrible

    Distance between followers

    Greetings, fellow bipeds! I'm experimenting with using larger characters in my game, which has led to a rather interesting problem. When the characters are larger than a certain size, it seems as though they are not spaced accordingly on the map, and the followers tend to be too close to one...
  9. OneManIndie

    Follower script issues

    Hey folks! I got a stumper for ya!! :^_^\': I found a Follower script that help give ore control over the follower movement. However, What I want to so put a "wait" before the character follows the leader. Meaning before they move they have to wait a few seconds. Any Ideas much appreciated...
  10. Hagal_

    Follower movement/pattern adjustment

    Hi! I have been searching far and wide (which offcourse does not guarantee that it isn´t right in front of me) for a plugin that lets me change the way followers follow me. As of now, I do not show the followers on map because of the ugly and non-immersive way the followers stick to your back...
  11. Flaqko

    Choices in events be variables and show variable name

    Ok so im making an event that makes me choose one of my followers for a one vs one. I made the followers be variables example variable 1= party member 1 and so on. I made the npc ask who i would like to choose and to make it show choices. i want the choices 1-4 to be variable 1-4 but idk how to...
  12. Magusalfador

    HELP on reducing the space between followers...

    Hi all!! I need some help or guidance, I want to reduce the space between the follower`s sprite. Since Im making my sprites half the normal size, there is much space wasted between them, is there a way I can edit this on the JS file? Thanks!!
  13. Qfollowers plugin fix

    Hi all, I have being trying to figure out why the follower sprites will not dash like the main character when using Qpulgins. I have posted this on the thread in the link below starting on page 40 and thanks to Arise, they have instructed me that it is more than likely the Qfollowers plugin...
  14. Danelius90

    Followers and Traps

    Hey all, I've been playing around with some spike traps that activate shortly after the player steps on them - I like having followers but they can walk on the traps unharmed. I'd like some opinions on the best way around this as I can't decide... gather or disable the followers for these...
  15. Indsh

    In party but don't follower

    I would like to make one of my party members a follower and the other not, I can't just change opacity as follower(1) creates an invisable barrior and would like the physicality of follower(0) to remain the same. 3 party members, one follower, one who is not. Any info would be helpful
  16. KanaX

    Cannot get rid of Followers

    I have removed all Actors except my Player Actor from both Database/Actors and Database/System. However, when I console.log($gamePlayer), my player still has 3 followers. Am I missing something crucial? Thank you for your time.
  17. InsertCreativeNameHere

    How to make an actor be active in party but not in battle?

    I'm in a situation here I want an actor following the first actor but not showing up in battle, since all their actions in battle are dealt with common events. If I was comparing it to something it would be like how temporary characters work in the Earthbound/Mother series where they follow the...
  18. Lynvia

    Walking Dead (Followers KO'd or DEAD that keep walking)

    Probably a basic question answered elsewhere, so my apologies if it was, because this seems quite basic. I've searched the whole forums and only found a couple VX Ace questions about this. When I have a party member (or the leader) KO'd or dead state, when returning to the map, their follow...
  19. Remove followers with a specific state

    I'd like to be able to set it so that followers stop appearing on the map if they have a specific state inflicted, or anything from a list of states. (I'm thinking of something like in Pokemon Yellow, where your Pikachu follows you around while in the party unless it's unconscious, at which...
  20. Kes

    Make a specific follower face a specific direction

    I know how to make all followers face in one direction, using the script call $game_player.followers.each {|follower|follower.set_direction(x)} where x is 2, 4, 6 or 8 depending on which direction I want. However, I want to make one specific follower (follower 4) face a different direction to...

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