1. DokuHime

    Help with Making NPCs follow each other

    HI, i hope i posted this in the right place I need help with making an npc follow another npc, is it possible? I tried looking it up but i only get information on how to make an npc follow the player or make the player follow an npc but that's not what i'm looking for since i know how to do...
  2. TheTraveller

    Getting Character to Follow Non-Player Character

    So, I would like to preface this by saying that, outside of very basic events like chests or the like, I have almost no knowledge of RPG Maker, not helped by my first project being down in a trial version of MV, so moving to XV Ace doesn't help. Anyway, I'm developing a small test game called...
  3. DShroom

    Stalker/Weeping Angel NPC move route

    Hello everyone Got myself into a bit of a pickle I suppose. I'm wanting to make an NPC in the game I'm building follow the player BUT only when the player is facing and moving to the left (and is in front/positioned further left than the NPC). When the player faces/moves right, up or down the...

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