font issues

  1. RadioactiveArcade

    RMMV [SOLVED] Letters with tails are getting cut off, regardless of text padding increase

    I apologize in advance, I honestly don't know where to post this issue and I'm not entirely sure if it's just restricted to MV or Yanfly's plugins in general, or maybe I'm just bad at making fonts too. I have no other plugins installed that are effecting fonts. I made a custom font and any...
  2. RadioactiveArcade

    MV issues with word spacing/kerning in text, everything looks like one big word.

    I decided I wanted to make my own font using FontStruct. Despite putting max kerning on the space input between each character, the in-game text look too close together. I'll use the exact same sentence in this example: This is my font in the FontStruct editor This is my font in an in-game...
  3. minnieramen

    Need Help: Changing the ENTIRE font colour of the game...?

    Hello and hi. So I wanted to change the window skin of the game to completely white. Not that grayish white. I accomplished that by changing the opacity to 255 in window_base (screenshot #1 below). And so, now I want to make the font black with white outlines (optional though). I installed...
  4. San

    Is it still not possible to remove the blur/aliasing from the text?

    I'm making an old school type of game and the blurry text is driving me nuts. There's a plugin called SFont that is the only alternative so far , and it's great for normal text and menus, but it is incompatible with other text plugins (like "shaking text"), and it doesn't work with the text...
  5. Evearia

    Font help!

    *NEVERMIND I FOUND THE ISSUE! i just need to find out how to delete a post on here now
  6. lithkast

    Spacing between equipment text

    This engine is making my life so much easier when it comes to making my own menu.  so, thanks be to the people who made it.  I have another small issue today that I can hopefully get a solution for.  First, the image. Update: Found the solution.  my problem was I updated the Item height...

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