1. RMMZ Fallback font setting but font in the fonts folder.

    It seems that fallback fonts only load fonts installed on the PC by default. Even if i enter the font file name "NotoSerifSC-Medium.otf" in the fonts folder as the fallback font, it is not printed.
  2. stgiga


    On September 12th, I finished after 6 years of work a project known as UnifontEX, which is a fork of GNU Unifont with a high focus on compatibility. It uses the final and most comprehensive TrueType version of GNU Unifont (15.0.06-JP) merged with the last usable-for-this-purpose (11.0.01)...
  3. Suggestion Thai fonts look too difficult

    RPG Maker MZ RPG Maker MV Thai fonts look too difficult. (small and not basic) Even if it doesn't affect the game. But during development it really annoyed me. The solution I think is possible. 1. Change the font (can use the same font as rpgmaker mv) 2. Adjust the font size
  4. Changing fonts

    Hello guys, just a quick question. How can i change the font type and size in "Show choices" command? (In MV)
  5. bookco

    Low Vision (Readability) Thread

    I wanted to continue today's discussion some more, after seeing @BCj post a status about readability of fonts during Steamfest. @BCj writes: I myself don't have any resources or advice to offer, since I am new to RPG Maker and am still working on resource acquisition, including finding...
  6. TenraiEmiko

    Changing the font immediately right after language change?

    Using ODW's multilanguage plugin, I have set up this common event that is intended to change the font based on the language detected by that plugin (with the changes being applied immediately after the language option is selected in the options menu (for example, when the Language option is...
  7. TenraiEmiko

    RMMZ Plugins that change font based on language?

    I have tried using FontForge to merge two fonts (one is EN / JP and another is VI) together, but the font just spazzed out when it comes to Vietnamese letter sets. Are there any plugins that allow the change of font based on language of the game (for example, English and Japanese uses a font...
  8. noyzen

    Text rendering problem in MZ (Persian/Arabic?)

    RPG Maker MZ is first app in series which supports Persian / Arabic languages by default out of the box! This is great... But I noticed there is a problem with small words like "to" in English, but in Persian. (I don't know Arabic language have same issue or not.) They showing like they are...
  9. WickBRSTM

    Spacing issues with coelocanth's Font Textures

    Heyo, Wick here. Hope you're doing well if you're reading this. :) I decided to look into alternate methods for rendering fonts in RMMV since I recently decided to change the game's rendering method to more suit my pixel art style, at the cost of some elements of my UI such as the font I was...
  10. RPG Maker MV Interface (Ubuntu, Steam) - buttons and text are too small

    I recently installed RPG Maker MV via Steam, on my Ubuntu 20.04 system. In a nutshell, the problem I'm experiencing is that everything in the interface is tiny. The font is too small to read, the buttons are too small to see and click comfortably. The map itself is less of a problem, since I...
  11. TakumaGao

    RMMZ Having some text issues with the VisuStella Battle Core.

    So this really seems like a stupid question at first... just change the font size, right? But... I can't find the option that controls the font size for the HP and MP numbers. It's not controlled by the database font size settings (else they would look like the names and the command window)...
  12. TakumaGao

    Looking for a good pixel font for an NES-style game.

    Resource Type: Font Maker Format: MZ Art Style: 8-Bit, NES Description: So I bought the new 8-Bit official DLC pack, and it's been great so far, but I recently realized that there's a teeny little problem with it... the font that's packed in with the DLC pack doesn't have commas! I realized this...
  13. OpenTangent

    Bug: Can't run Playtest in Fedora 36

    The bug is described by @nikhil1337 here This seems like it's becoming a bigger issue as Linux distros get updated. Please can a RMMV dev find a permanent solution to this problem?
  14. Uzuki

    RPG Maker MZ Font Not Displaying Properly

    I'm having some difficulty with how the engine itself is displaying fonts. I didn't change the default settings in the font section until today and didn't realize that the game wasn't even using the custom font I had, but the default Verdana in the font fallback box. When I removed it, the text...
  15. Changing Font on 2K3's battle screen?

    If I wanted to change the "MP" and "HP" Fonts on the battle screen, what should I do to achieve that? The picture above is just for specifics to what I'm talking about.
  16. How to get pixel-perfect fonts?

    I used Galenmereth's pixel perfect plug-in, but the fonts still have a bit of blur to them.
  17. TheDrifter

    RMMV Changing game font during gameplay?

    Hi! Is there an event command, script call or plugin command that lets you change the game's font during gameplay? Essentially, I would like to create an event that, once interacted with by the player, does the following: 1. Change the primary font to a secondary font. 2. Bring up the...
  18. Lunyc

    How do I change the default system/menus font color?

    Okay, I may sound stupid here, but I have been using MV for way too long and forgot how VX Ace works. The menus have that horrid light blue font color and I'd like to make it white like all the rest. I've been looking through all the scripts but haven't found anything. Also, I'm using Yanfly...
  19. Milennin

    Possible to change font for a dialogue?

    I'd like to change the font in some dialogue boxes, is there an option to do so using an event or Script command, or will it require a plugin?
  20. Gnioooman

    Custom color font in shop command.

    Anyone know how to change shop command (buy, sell, exit) font color? I changed the default font color and it doesn't work in the store command.

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